America must realize that their very economic existence is tenuous, right now. Corporate America are the big employers in America, and the Republican Party’s Free Trade Agreements, including NAFTA, has eliminated American jobs (and eliminated American consumers, since working Middle Class Americans are consumers).

Driving south from the USA, from Mexicali, after crossing the Mexican border, there are mile after miles of brand new U.S. factory buildings, employing cheap Mexican Labor to produce products sold in America; Polaris is the latest corporation to move to Mexico. This drain of jobs is evident and you can see it for yourself.

Corporate America is not human; consequently it has no concern about loyalty to the people or the nation’s economy. Corporate America’s primary and sole concern is profits.

American employers found it profitable to outsource employment overseas, using foreign employees for products consumed in America; American stores are full of Chinese produced merchandise. General Motors now produces automobiles in China.

Corporate America is America’s Employers; America has no choice but to react to the unemployment crisis. President Reagan said, “The Great Depression is over and we do not need Federal Regulations any more.” Now the Depression is back. America needs the regulations back, it needs tariff protection, and America needs the WPA and CCC back to put our unemployed to work on our infrastructure, public transportation, and other energy saving projects.

Corporations are enjoying record breaking profits and the working Middle Class in America is experiencing record unemployment.  Working Middle Class Americans are in crisis.

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