Herewith is my comment in response to President Obama releasing America’s oil reserves to lower the cost of gasoline:

Sorry, I really hate to tell you people this but availability of  oil doesn’t have anything to do with the price of gasoline. American oil doesn’t cost any more or less than any other oil. The world’s oil price is controlled by a cartel (monopoly) and they can charge any amount they like just because they can and Americans will buy it! Americans think they have to have gasoline to exist.

The President of the USA has no control over the price; President Obama’s release of oil reserves means nothing but shuts up those Americans who keep asking him to do that because they think oil is priced by a free market; it is not. President Obama is proving a point. I assume you get it now.

Please remind me to trim my wicks and buy oil for the oil lamps in my living room. The price of electricity generated by oil is exorbitant.

Mexico nationalized their oil industry and their government subsidizes gasoline in Mexico for their people so it’s cheaper and the people can drive to work; wealthy Americans living here in California on the border, cross the border to go to Mexico and buy subsidized gasoline there and then come home to America to vote for the Republican Party who subsidizes the oil industry in America.

Pardon me; what I just said is true and I think I need to throw up!

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