News of the health of the American democratic Republic gets more depressing every day. It has become so gloomy that without intervention of ‘we the people’, our politicians (including the Supreme Court Justices) will annihilate our constitutional democracy.

The news yesterday read, “Rove Group Buys $20M in Attack Ads”, The Daily Beast, 6/24/11

Americans, wake up! If you have any respect for your democratic Republic, it is time to stand up and do something about American elections being bought and sold like potatoes in the market.

The U.S. Supreme, Court Citizens United Decision, was a greater blow to American democracy than bin Laden and his terrorist attack.

We American citizens can and should change our Constitution to prevent candidates and elections from being bought and restoring respectability to holding elected office in America.

Think about it, ask yourself why there are so many great potential statesmen in America that could actually win an election on their merit and serve admirably, who choose not to run because of the disrespect, the rage directed at a sitting President, and the danger involved in threats of violence and Mayhem against the President and political figures like Gabrielle Giffords.

In America democratic elections for President of the United States has become obscene and shameful; winning is no longer a matter of a candidate’s integrity. As Karl Rove has proven in previous elections, even in primaries of his own Party against fellow Republicans, it is paid-for propaganda using lies and deceit that motivate voters to elect an American President, who is also the most powerful man in the world.

In the name of patriotism and human decency, the manner of electing government officials, especially the President of the United States, must be changed to eliminate extremists from purchasing the power of the Presidency in the American democratic Republic.

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