Sunny here; just so you know, I am ok now but on Thursday I spent all day at the Vet’s and for a considerable time I was anesthetized. I had nine teeth pulled and those that were left were cleaned. It’s not easy being old. My Veterinarian gave me a clean bill of health and that is good news, but I’m pretty much having to gum some of my food now. Hey, for a 91-year-old Dog, I really can’t complain.

Our new house is working out well for my whole family, as far as I can tell. Erin spent most of this last week cleaning up the garden and making a mess on the patio. She also had some problems with the fishes pond. Those fish can be a lot of work and they are really not a lot of fun to play with. They are pretty austere. Personally, I just pretty much ignore them.

This is an interesting weekend. Erin is gone for the weekend visiting her brother and half-sister and Jessica and Clint are at the River playing. Guess what? I am stuck here with Grandpa.

So far, it has been alright. I finally get fed but I have to nag, nag, nag.

Grandpa tries, bless his heart. He had to give me pills in the morning and night, after my visit to the Vet. Grandpa thought I was dumb enough to eat those pills stuck in my food but I wasn’t born yesterday; instead I just left the food with the pills in it, in my dish and of course, I never leave that good canned food without eating it all of it, ever.

My food tasted terrible with those bitter pills in it. I finally convinced Grandpa to quit trying to mess with my head about the pills. Today is the second day and instead of sticking the pills in my food, he gave them to me in some Elderberry jelly on a spoon.

Well, the jelly was an improvement; it was at least sweet enough to kill the taste of the pills. The stupid pills fell out of the jelly, but I humored Grandpa and just stuffed them down me, cold turkey. They weren’t that bad with the taste of the jelly.

It surely is quiet around here with everyone gone. I was beginning to think Grandpa would never go for a walk with me, like Jessica and Erin do. But yesterday he finally got away from his doggone computer for a while and we went for a walk. I got real excited when Grandpa finally decided to so something with me to break up the monotony. I slipped right into my restraining chain all by my self and off we went.

The Vet lost my regular leash and all we had was a short one, so I was kind cramped during our walk.

I took my daily constitutional and Grandpa praised me like I had just won some sort of sporting event; he picked up my poop in a plastic bag are carried it with him like it was some kind of trophy. Boy, it sure doesn’t take much to please him.

We didn’t walk far yesterday because it was dark. We went to the park a couple of blocks away but Grandpa had trouble walking on the lawn in the dark because it was uneven; I didn’t want to push him too hard even though he really does need the exercise.

Today, Grandpa was up early and we had the jelly and pills episode. I think he is missing the family today so I tried to stay close and cheer him up. He wanted to go for a walk today and that was all right with me. Like I said, Grandpa really needs the exercise.

This time we walked clear to the end of the park, and he proudly carried my poop all the way; what a guy. When we got to the end of the park, there was a school there and a locked gate with a sign that said no smoking, no alcohol, and no Dogs; I thought that was quite offensive to be considered in the same category with alcohol and smoking. Some people just have no class whatsoever, even public school administrators.

It was a nice sunshiny day and we had a good walk.

Grandpa always stops and waits for me, when I happen to sniff something interesting.

There is a fantastic fire hydrant at the front of the park that had me sniffing for a long time. Grandpa followed my lead and was sniffing too but I don’t really think he knew what he was sniffing for. As for me, I thought I caught the scent of an old boy friend but that couldn’t be. That was so long ago; can you imagine at my age?

Grandpa and I had a good time today and it was later tonight, but I thought he needed another walk. I feel like I have to keep him moving. I went to him and indicated it was time for him to get off his chair and do something physical. He was a little reluctant, but I got him off his but and out on the sidewalk.

We took a different route on our walk tonight; it was an area that I had never smelled before so that made it interesting. I didn’t find anything exciting but it was different and I enjoyed it. We did hear some dogs growling in the background that sounded rather mean. I noticed that Grandpa kept me close to him. He needn’t worry, I would protect him.
When we got home, I indicated that I was hungry again. He made a big show of giving me some of that good canned food I like, just like Erin does. I barked, jumped, and danced around so he would know that I was appreciative. You just have to humor him, you know?

It’s lonely without the rest of the family here, of course, but it is an opportunity for Grandpa and I to spend some quality time together. I think he really appreciates it and actually, I admit that I do too.

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