Notes From My Desk (and spleen), #4!

Note to President Bush: Eliminating terrorists using 500 pound bombs, turns parents of children killed as collateral damage, into terrorists.


Note to Hillary Clinton: There actually is something more important that winning the Democratic nomination for President; it is called, integrity!


Note to American voters: Yes you can have a compassionate responsible President of the United States who is a Christian, but the cost is that you have to vote for a candidate who is only half white and attends a Congregational Church with an overzealous preacher.


Note to drivers of gas-guzzling SUVs: President Bush is not going to do anything about exorbitant gas prices and huge wind-fall profits for oil companies; only President Truman would have established gasoline price control and taxed wind-fall profits of oil companies and he died a long time ago.


Note to the American people: The War in Iraq is all about oil and President Bush and the oil companies only concern about American soldiers killed in Iraq, is that there are still enough American soldiers left alive to ‘stay the course’!


Note to fanatic American chauvanist  flag-wavers: The reason the other nations of the world perceive America as a ruthless aggressive imperialist nation that violates International Law and tortures prisoners of war, is that it is true!


Note to the American strategists: The only effective way to eliminate terrorism is to eliminate the cause and that does not mean kill all the Muslims in the world; Muslims are not the cause of terrorism, American policy toward the Muslim world is the cause!


Note to American Christians: Actually, the United States Constitution does not specify that Christianity is superior to any other religion. 


Note to American war mongers: A preemptive war, like the War in Iraq, is uncivilized and a violation of International Law and consequently the U.S. Constitution!


Note to Fox News: If you are so confident that Sen. John McCain will win the November Election, why are you obsessed by who the Democrats nominate?


Note to Hillary: What if the red telephone in the White House rings at 3AM, to report that Bill received another blow-job from an intern and Barack Obama has to answer the phone?


Note to Barack Obama: What if the American people vote against changing the American government into to a compassionate, honest, fair, and caring American Government of the people?


Note to Californians: The reason the State is bankrupt, the cities are unsafe, and the California public schools have gone from first to last is that Proposition 13 eliminated the property tax base as the primary tax for supporting public schools and funding municipal fire and police protection.


Note to American Christian voters: Jesus demands that you love your neighbor and your enemies; get with the program!


Note to Sen. McCain: “They went that way!”


Note to Republicans and the manufacturers of Diebold voting machines: Pray to keep American voters computer-illiterate!

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