Yesterday, I became concerned when I found that MSNBC had disciplined Ed Schultz for calling Laura Ingrahm of Faux News, a “Right Wing Slut”; Schultz was made to apologize and lose a week’s pay. He appeared to be sincere in his apology and will be absent from the TV screen for a week and not be able to call anyone anything.

But I was thinking, it is OK for me to agree with Schultz’s description and it is even OK if Schultz believes his own description was accurate, but he is not allowed by his network to express himself on that issue. Yet, Faux News is notorious for misrepresenting the truth and calling people who disagree with their ideology, all sorts of names that are well known to be grossly inaccurate.

So, one reason for my concern is because of all the name-calling Faux News commentators engage in, particularly calling my President Obama a Communist, a racist, a fascist, which are well recognized to not be true, and that is considered OK by Faux News.

Though, my major concern is that MSNBC was just allowed to be acquired by Comcast, which I consider to be another Faux News Lite. I am wondering if extremists like Murdoch and his ilk eventually will acquire all the nation’s networks and spin all the news to suit their ideological whims and there will be no differences of opinion left in America. This seems to be the direction that American extremists are going and eventually they expect that there will be no one remaining on TV to refer to Ingraham as a Right Wing Slut even if she is.

Frankly, I consider today’s Americans to be vastly uninformed about what is going on in the world, because I have long been of the opinion that the media in America are controlled by their advertisers and that they self-censor news to satisfy advertisers.

From 2000 to 2005, I personally lived in Europe and saw on TV News in Europe, all the things that Americans never saw. This was amazing for me, an American, to be out of America and looking in and seeing Americans denied the truth about world affairs. European commentato­rs would actually announce that “these film clips will not be shown in America.” It was sobering for me to know that people all over the world, even Third World Nations, were seeing what I saw and yet no one in America, none of my friends or family, would ever see it.

When I came home to America for visits, people would say, “What do the Europeans know; their news is all censored and in America we have freedom of the press.”

Holy crap! That is disturbing!

It also is painful for me to hear duly elected Congressme­n talking like babbling idiots, void of facts and irresponsible, and making up stories to make their self look good, when it is all a lie; all of this is broadcast on national TV.

Let me give an example of what I am talking about; it always amazes me that when I ask people in America if they know what bin Laden’s incentive was for his 911 terrorist attack, they don’t know. Yet it was published in the US Commission on 911 Report. You would expect Americans to know something like that. Even people in Third World Nations know but Americans do not.

The American people are totally bamboozled because they believe they have freedom of the press and therefore believe what they read in newspapers and hear and see on TV. They simply believe what they want to believe and ignore facts (of which they are unaware).

I have always wanted to be proud of America and Americans and now, through no fault of the people, America appears to be a land of ignorant boobs. It is embarrassing what the media has done to the minds of the people of America.

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