Recently, I engaged in an internet discussion in which I said, accurately I believe, that in America, the only voice that Middle Class Americans have about their economic status and standard of living was Labor Unions. It incited quite a response.

One poster responded with everything negative he could think of about organized labor but offered no alternatives.

Excuse me, I became somewhat emotional in my response and so enamored with it that I thought I should post it here. Here tis:

P_____, I rather think you are a shill.

Your post is actually interestin­g, it offers no answers and it does ask a question.

The question for you: who in America is the voice of the American working Middle Class if Labor Unions are not? Gotcha! There isn’t any!

Study history of the Labor Movement! It is recorded history!

Wealth is power! The American working Middle Class is not wealthy, though they believe they are if they can afford to eat out Saturday night instead of having beans at home.

You are totally unaware; you have to have been there to understand­. I have more than 80 years experience and qualify.

I served as a union member and officer, not compensate­d for the many hours I spent with families devastated by their employer’s utter unconcerne­d for employees’ economic plight; the family’s greatest mistake was trust their employer that the employer felt any responsibi­lity for their employee’s circumstances, though the employer did demand employee loyalty.

Don’t mess with me; if labor unions do not speak for working Middle Class Americans, who does? It’s not the John Birch Republican Party and quite frankly, I have not seen God stand up and represent the unemployed­ American Working Middle Class that He or She created.

Holy crap! Where is God when you’re out of work, the family’s hungry, you’re unemployed and the John Birch Republican­s are worried about the National Debt? Perhaps it was God who created the AFL-CIO?

Labor union members never stand alone!

Who else speaks for working Middle Class Americans?

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