Holy crap!  The Republican Party today is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln, it is a party of absolutely insane, wealthy, greedy, power hungry crazies without an ounce of compassion for humanity and no concept of civilized  co-habitation on the planet.  For the life of me, I cannot possibly perceive American voters actually electing these throwbacks to an evil, dark, abyss into office; to get into office these Republicans must have to have bought it, hacked their own Diebold voting machines, or used mirrors.  No self respecting American would have voted for them.

I think that someone will have to stand up and get every working Middle Class American organized to eliminate the present day Republican Party totally from the American political scene.  The people need to fill the streets in protest and in anger and wrest these T-bagging Neocon nincompoops out of office; the American democratic Republic can’t wait for another election, by that time there will be nothing of our Republic left.

There is not hope for decent respectable Republicans to save their party.  The American working Middle Class must form their own Reform Party.

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