Today I read, “Bernie Sanders Lays Out His Requirements For Endorsing Hillary Clinton”:

And Personally, I thought it was a fantastic move and here is why. Bernie is representing the working Middle Class and Poor Americans who make up a majority of the population and that is why he has a large “devoted” following; but odds have always been against him winning against the Party Establishment and Wall Street money.

Hillary, the “moderate Republican-Light” Democratic candidate, is predicted to win handily with the centrist DC Establishment “fixing the primary” along with the support of Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex that supports Hillary’s platform.


Hillary entered the campaign claiming the nomination saying, “It’s my turn”, as if losing the primary in 2008 entitled her to the nomination in 2016, like in a game of checkers, or Monopoly.

And interesting enough, Hillary Clinton had no serious liberal progressive challengers, which led Bernie to enter the primary to provide the voters who supported liberal progressive Obama in 2008, a candidate that liberal progressive working Middle Class and Poor could vote for.

Bernie appears to have been so successful in running a campaign without Wall Street money that the Democratic Party DC Establishment had to take him seriously and have gone to great lengths to totally destroy Sanders as a candidate.

From my perspective, Bernie has ran an excellent campaign showing who he is, a lifelong liberal progressive candidate with an impeccable record, and has convinced the working Middle Class and Poor that he represents them and their needs, and he has no interest in the Presidency for his own aggrandizement.

Bernie was never taken seriously until now; but with his modem of success without Wall Street Support, the Democratic Party Establishment has begun to understand that liberal progressive supporters are voting their conscience for Bernie, and not voting for the Democratic Party line; and voters for Bernie just might not be inclined to caste the vote for Hillary in the general election, if they have no literal progressive issues for whom to vote.

For example, the Democratic Establishment candidate, Hillary is a “moderate, Republican-Lite” Democrat, who voted with Republicans in 2002, for W. Bush’s Iraq Invasion Resolution.

The agonizing Iraq War was particularly devastating for working Middle Class and Poor American families. It was working Middle class and Poor’s sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, and fathers and mothers who made up the peacetime army; primarily they were in the military for the GI benefits to attend college, or in the National Guard for earning a few extra bucks for their family.

But instead of earning a college education, or making a few extra bucks for the family, the soldiers were sent to Iraq instead, and were killed, maimed, or returned from war with PTSD and no jobs or money. A huge majority of those soldiers were predominantly of Middle Class and Poor families, who tend to vote Democratic and vote liberal progressive out of necessity.

So with moderate Hillary Clinton (who voted for the tragic Iraq War of aggression) presumably winning the primary and the nomination, with a fix by the Democratic Party Establishment, and support of Wall Street and the Military/Industrial complex, the question is, will liberal progressive Bernie supporters vote for Hillary in the general election, if she wins the primary?

Today, Hillary is convinced that she has the nomination and is concentrating on opposing the Republican candidates.

However, Hillary knows if she wants to win the Presidency, she must find a way to win the votes of all those voters who voted for Bernie, who Hillary condemned as an Independent and a Socialist in the primary.

And those liberal progressive voters for Bernie believe their government exists to provide for the People collectively, those things like affordable health care that the People are unable to provide for their self as an individual. Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, ““We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure the domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.”

Obama had the same problem of winning over the loser, Hillary’s voters in 2008, and that is how Hillary became Secretary of State; that was second prize in 2008.

In a television interview last week, Bernie was asked, if Hillary wins the nomination, would you accept the Vice Presidency; to which Bernie very quietly and emphatically said, “No!”

“What would it take for you to support Hillary in the general election and not run for President as an Independent,” Bernie was asked.

Basically, Bernie answered that the question was inappropriate because he had not yet lost the nomination, he intended to win, and then he said something seldom heard in American politics.

Bernie said he wasn’t running for President for the prestige of being President.


He was instead fighting for a Revolution to stop the inequity in income in America that favors the rich; he is fighting for the needs of every American, not just the wealthy contributors, he is fighting to eliminate poverty, and provide jobs and decent pay for workers.

Bernie was fighting for a democracy where the Wall Street does not buy candidates and elections, a nation that controls business and banking and business and banking does not control the nation.

The revolution he is advocating is an America where Americans working full time do not have to live in poverty, an America where women earn the same as men, an America where adequate health care is a Right of every American.

And that is exactly what it would take for him to support any other candidate.

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