Today I’m reading, “US official: Gitmo transfers have resulted in American deaths”:

When will Americans learn that the Gitmo “detainees” were imprisoned illegally according to International Law, which America accepts by Treaty approved by the Senate. Many prisoners were sadistically tortured in violation of International Law in a total lack of compassion and human dignity.


In American Law, Americans maintain that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty; the prisoners in Gitmo were presumed guilty, period. They had no hearing as required by International Law, they had no trial, they were not set free at the end of the war as required by International Law, and they are still rotting in Prison. Some were young adolescents when originally imprisoned a decade an half ago.

In regard to prisoners released responsible for American military deaths, in America our courts of justice must first determine whether or not a killing was legally justified; self-defense is a legal justification.

In regards to the very existence of “Gitmo” and Torture of Prisoners of War, Internationally, America has a reputation in this world of being the bad guys, for very good reason.


When former President W. Bush was invited to speak in Switzerland a few years ago, he was notified that a subpoena would be served him, for having committed crimes against humanity; President W. Bush wisely chose to cancel his speech and his appearance. President W. Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld consequently do not do a lot of world traveling for very good reason.

This kind of information just does not get publicity in America. What gets publicity in America is how terrible it is that President Obama promised America that he would close down Gitmo (and hopefully raze it) and the opposition from Congress to the closing and holding Gitmo prisoners in America where they would be subject to the American justice system. President Obama was elected by a majority of Americans; members of Congress were elected by minorities in Gerrymandered Congressional Districts; need any more be said.

Gitmo prison is a cancer in America, as is America’s inhumane torturing of prisoners, and America’s illicit wars of aggression in the Mideast; America has a shameful reputation in the world. And when our President Obama makes every effort to change America’s status in the world, the Republicans and some Democrats use hateful and damning rhetoric condemning him for his efforts and accuse him of betrayal.

It is time for Americans to own up to their sadistic war mongering and torturing reputation, and try to make amends. America has a reputation for imprisoning our own youth, giving them a prison record for smoking pot of all things, and allowing our highest government officials to commit crimes against humanity with impunity and waging aggressive and religious wars against other sovereign nations.

Americans are seemingly totally unaware that the rest of the world has come to see America as a shameful sadistic renegade Republic, guilty of crimes against humanity that sings the praises of W. Bush, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz!

When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn!

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