Of course the price of oil is fixed by the oil cartel; there is no free market for oil and there is no shortage of oil.  Filling stations do not refuse to fill the tanks of the American’s gas guzzling SUV because there is a shortage of oil.

America needs to nationalize the oil industry like Mexico did; Mexico then subsidizes gasoline for a lower gasoline price to the Mexican people.

In America, the taxpayers subsidize the oil industry while the people’s income and standard of living is being bled by profits for the oil cartels.  Does that make sense?

The oil cartels fill the coffers of the campaign funds for Members of Congress and the naive taxpayer asks Congress and the President to do something about high gas prices; that’s dumb!

Taxpayers are naive and ignorant because Corporate America including oil cartels, represent profits to the media through advertising and the media spins news to favor the oil industry.

The oil cartel is more dangerous to the USA than bin Laden.

When gasoline prices go up, then food prices go up because gasoline went up and that affects the costs of  food production and transportation.  When gasoline goes up, airline prices, bus prices, and train prices goes up because of cost of gasoline.  When oil prices go up, gas and electric energy and heating prices go up and the people pay more to heat and light their house than the house payment is!

Our Constitutional forefathers founded the socialized United States Postal Service because they believed that communication was too important to trust to the private sector; this has always been considered responsible nationalization by America, even in 1787.  Today, oil is too important to the people for the government to trust production of it to the private sector.

If Harry Truman was President, today,  he would nationalize the oil industry and three years later the US Supreme Court would find it unconstitutional for him to do so.  But, Truman would have meanwhile stopped the oil industry from gouging the people and President Truman would have scared the living crap out of the oil industry.

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