Today, I’m reading, “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Organization Could Overshadow Enthusiasm For Bernie Sanders In Midwest”:

The title of this news, does not quite represent the content; the title should read the Democratic centrist DC Establishment’s campaign may beat out Bernie Sanders in the Midwest, instead of “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Organization Could Overshadow Enthusiasm For Bernie Sanders In Midwest”.


Hillary has confessed recently, to proudly being “moderate” and bragged about it; and moderate of course, is centrist, or neither liberal progressive nor conservative. It is the belief of Hillary and the Democratic Party centrist DC Establishment, that she and they can attract both liberal progressive and conservative Neocon Republicans to vote for Hillary.

Unfortunately, past history has indicated that the centrist, being neither liberal progressive nor conservative, actually appeals to neither liberal progressive nor conservative (note the losses of Gore and Kerry because Democratic voters did not vote, they had no candidate to vote for).

And, Hillary was the Democratic centrist DC Establishment candidate in 2008, touted to win the nomination hands down; she lost the primary to the voters! Liberal progressive Obama won the Presidency.

Democrats win when Democrats all go to the polls and vote. Most Democratic voters are liberal progressive working Middle Class and Poor, liberal progressive meets their needs. Without a liberal progressive candidate, they don’t vote.

This Democratic primary is between liberal progressive Democrat Bernie Sanders, who has had to run for office as an Independent in order to survive the centrist Democratic DC Establishment Democrats of the Democratic Party, and the Democratic DC Establishment candidate Hillary Clinton.

So Hillary and the Democratic centrist DC Establishment, want to claim Bernie is an Independent and not a Democrat, yet to defeat the Democratic Establishment, Bernie has been required to run as an independent and get the vote to beat the Democratic Establishment who controls the primary elections.

However, Bernie has always caucused with the Democrats in Congress, been appointed to head Congressional Committees by the Democrats, and in 2002, Rep. Bernie Sanders in the House of Representatives voted against the Iraq Invasion Resolution with Democrats and “moderate” Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Senate voted for the Iraq Invasion Resolution with the Republicans in the Senate. Which one, I ask, is the ‘good’ Democrat?

The Democratic Party is two separate parties, and it is all about money and power. The liberal progressive half of the Democratic party, are the voters who are working Middle Class and Poor and Labor; the other half of the Democratic Party are “moderate” centrist DC Establishment Democrats who want Wall Street’s support in contributions and the votes of working Middle Class and Poor who are willing to vote for a candidate that promises them some few concessions in law and economics but no power.

And the Republican Party has grown into a party of inane extremist racist holy-rollers, that represents the hate population of America. So in 2016, Americans have 4 choices for president, vote for a Republican hate candidate, just don’t vote out of disgust, vote for Hillary, or vote for Bernie.

I’m very sorry to inform you, but at this point I can’t predict who voters or non-voters are going to elect in the primary to lead this land of liberty in 2016. And in the general election, Republicans have the money and Democrats have the disagreements, bizarre controversy, and total lack of unity. I think Republican money has the edge right now.

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