Indiana has passed legislation providing the State to issue vouchers for most parents to send their children to private parochial schools.

Very simply, this is a move to eliminate Public Schools. Public Schools are forbidden to indoctrinate students in political, religious, or economic ideology and that is why private parochial schools were founded and exist, today; private schools are parochial schools, founded specifically to indoctrinate students in a particular political, religious, social, or economic ideology.

Public Schools are required to be democratic and must refrain from indoctrinating students. Providing tax paid vouchers for students to attend private schools for indoctrinating students in religious, social, political, or economic ideology has always been considered unconstitutional until the present Neocon Republican majority of the Supreme Court decided differently during the President G. W. Bush Administration; it is the same Supreme Court majority that stopped the recounting of votes in Florida that put G. W. Bush in the Presidency.

Tax supported Public Schools were originally founded in America to support democracy in America and enlighten the electorate; providing tax supported vouchers for private schools is using tax money to indoctrinate students in other than democratic government.

The Supreme Court decision allowing vouchers for private schools was a very bad decision for America’s Public Schools and for American democracy. It damages Public Schools depriving them of tax support and certain student demographics; carried to the extreme it would mean the end of Public Schools.

Certain groups of Americans, like the John Birch Society and some Tax Payers organizations, favor privatizing Public Schools and eliminating Public Schools as we know them for ideological or tax reduction purposes. These groups are exceedingly wealthy and powerful and have emerged since the 2010 elections to attack Public Schools in Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and some other States and are a serious threat to the Public Schools.

POST SCRIPT: It is particularly stressing for me, who had a lifelong career in Public Schools, to see the media complete miss the primary issues in reporting news about the Public Schools. Americans have always before, in my lifetime, taken American Public Schools for granted, were proud of their Public Schools, and supported them. Today, the media is daily bashing Public Schools and the teachers. Why? It is obvious that the opponents of Public Schools are influencing the media because they are the wealthy advertisers that media depends on for their profits; the media is focused on profits and sensationalism and care nothing about enlightening their readers or the educational needs of the citizens. For newspapers, if it was not for Public School teachers teaching the people to read, newspapers would have no customers.

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