Today I read, “Hillary Clinton Relying On Minority Voters, But They’re Not All Relying On Her”: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hillary-clinton-memo-minorities_us_56baf116e4b0c3c5504f6f4a


Personally, I believe that just as Sec. Clinton found out in 2008, Hillary will discover that she is actually not Black!

Hillary will also discover that she is not actually Latino or Jewish, but she is a “woman”; however, Hillary will discover as she did in New Hampshire, that women do not cast their vote based on gender, like macho men voters do, women cast their votes intelligently for the best candidate for them and their family.

Besides being female, women are also working Middle Class and Poor voters who vote liberal progressive in their best interests; and Hillary has made it clear that she is a “moderate”, meaning she is “Republican Lite”.

Just as a majority of women voters are working Middle Class and Poor, so are African and Latino voters working Middle Class and Poor; and they too, vote in their best interests.

And the best interests of America’s working Middle Class and Poor is neither Bill Clinton and his NAFTA treaty which sent American jobs over the border to Mexico, nor was Hillary’s vote for Corporate America’s, Iraq Invasions Resolution in 2002 for Corporate America’s foreign investments and oil, in the best interests of the working Middle Class and Poor.

Democratic voters have not forgotten the 2008 Democratic Primary, when Hillary attacked the Black guy, Obama, that Hillary said didn’t have sense enough to answer the House phone if it rang at 3AM, and she also said the Black guy, Obama, could never win the general election in America’s White Supremacist society.

As a White liberal progressive Democrat voter, my own conscience will not allow me to vote for any candidate in 2016 other than Bernie Sanders, the little Jew who has championed the working Middle class and Poor and minorities his whole life, and has defeated not only Republican candidates but also Democrat Centrist DC Establishment candidates by running as an “Independent” when spurned by the Democratic Party “Establishment”.

Bernie Sanders owns the voters’ respect and he has consistently won over all the odds against him. God bless my candidate BERNIE SANDERS!

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