During these Wisconsin Protests, I have posted every chance I had to support the teachers and other protestors in Wisconsin. I know about teachers, I am one! I know about labor and management and I have been on both sides. To me, a collective bargaining agreement is about what is as fair and equitable as possible and not totally satisfying to either side; it is a compromise that both can live with or it is not a good agreement. In Wisconsin, Gov. Walker would eliminate collective bargaining for teachers; I think teachers deserve the dignity and a voice in their profession and conditions of employment; Gov. Walker does not!

In writing all of my posts to support the protesters, who I believe represent Labor and the Middle Class in America, my posts have been questioned. Here are some questions and my answers; I like my stance. My posts and my answers to questions about them are based on my education and experience. I would like to share my response with you and feel free to criticize.

Question: “Labor leaders”. They’re nothing but mafiosos. Absolutely corrupt. Look at Andrew Stern.

Answer: Your perspective is outrageous! Have you ever compared corruption in Labor Unions to the corruption in banks and corporations who got America into this current depression? Stern is guilty only of being Jewish and a Labor Leader; Ken Lay of Enron, on the other hand, was a damn criminal. Sterns helped working people who were under paid, under employed, and chattel for Corporate America; Ken Lay screwed his employees out of their livelihood and pensions. As a human being, you are like Corporate America, you have no conscience or compassion; you are like a paper copy of humanity and incapable of compassion.

Corporations are simply legal entities and paper entities; Corporate America is incapable of being conscientious, compassionate, or patriotic; they were not created by God they were incorporated by government. The Wisconsin protests are about people, the middle class, US Constitutional Rights, and Human Rights. Labor Unions are the only voice that the working man of Middle Class America has.

In this current Bush Depression, the government bailed out failing Corporate America and now the Republicans would eliminate collective bargaining and the Middle Class. Unions are the only voice that Labor has in America; Corporate America has the power of wealth and everything in America can be and is bought, including Gov. Walker and Congress. Labor is desperate and protesting in that desperation.

At one time, I was a labor leader in a public school teachers’ union and I was not corrupt nor Mafioso; I am not even Italian.

Queston: forced membership in unions to achieve a public sector job is hardly democracy. nice try though

Answer: No one is forced to join a union. In union shops, if an employee does not want to join the union or has religious objections to a union they simply pay a fee to the union that is equal to union dues for the privilege of having the Union represent their interests; very simply, if the employee accepts the benefits of the union they should financially support it and that sir is capitalism. You pay for what you get; employers do not give products or services free, either. Of course the Taft-Hartley Act of 1948 eliminated capitalism for labor unions in some States; unions and Corporate America are equal but Corporate America is more equal than unions. Get a life!

By the way, joining the union does not get you a job in the public sector; it is Civil Service.

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