I Don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sick of these damn Republicans wrapping themselves in the flag on election day and screaming, “America’ is the greatest!”

Then when the Democrats want to do something productive, the Republicans say the good old USA is incompetent and incapable of providing the best possible Universal Health Insurance, Enron does it better.  What in the world?

When the Republicans are asked to do something positive for their America, the Republicans tell us that the wondrous American nation is too poor to do anything for their own people who are unemployed and hurting; America is broke and Wisconsin is broke!  What?

When a State like Wisconsin gives business a cut in taxes so large the State goes in debt, the Republicans tell teachers that they don’t have enough money to pay teachers’ salaries so the government will have to take away teachers’ right to bargain collectively because the government overpays them.  What the?

Republicans have Americans scared to death that a Muslims is going to get them, Republicans spend billions of dollars killing Muslims in their own Muslim country to get the Muslim’s oil, and then they tell America’s children that the great USA can no loner afford to provide Sesame Street for kids on Saturday mornings.  Huh?

When these stupid Republicans actually win an election, I assume it has to be voting fraud, because I just can’t believe that there are that many Americans stupid enough to vote for Republicans.

The wonderful American democratic Republic  of my youth has become an asylum in my old age.

God help America.   Please!

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