America has become a war, gun, aggressive society because of recent Presidents Lyndon Johnson and the two President’s Bush; all three Presidents, for different reasons, lacked the popular support of the American people and went to war to rally the American people behind them.

It is typical for unpopular leaders to go to war to inspire the support of the people for them. Hitler did that too, (for example but not comparison of ideology).

Between WWI and WWII America stood for World Peace and was respected by other nations for it; however currently, America has become an aggressive nation and is presently hated by most other nations around the world because America is considered an aggressor.

The present wars were actually started by the First Bush defiling Muslim Saudi Holy Land by putting a military base there, which was bin Laden’s incentive for 911; after 911, Bush II then invaded Afghanista­n and Iraq in retaliation, despite neither sovereign nation having anything to do with bin Laden (a Saudi) attacking America.

The Vietnam War of LBJ and the two Holy Oil Wars of the Bush father and son were unnecessar­y. To the rest of the world, America is an aggressor bully and a Super Power using that power to the economic advantage of Corporate America (see Project for the New American Century).

America seems to compare every other national issue to war, in the eras of LBJ and the 2 Bush: War on Poverty, War on Drugs, and War on Terror. War is inspiring to Americans, America glorifies it. The Wars on Poverty, Drugs, & Terror are not actually wars; war is confined to military conflict between two sovereign nations.

There is technically, no such thing as a War Against Terror; The War Against Terror is strictly a figment of President George W. Bush’s imagination.

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