Today I read about the Republican brain surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson who is running for the Presidency of the United States of America, and saying a Muslim should not be President; but, he now changed his mind and said a Muslim could be President, if he quit being a Muslim;


It did appear to me that if a Muslim quit being a Muslim to become president, he or she would not be a Muslim President; but I wonder what in the name of God that the People did in countries where all the People are Muslim?

This is America in the 21st Century, and can anyone tell me why in the name of God, Dr. Ben Carson is not incarcerated on a ‘Funny Farm’ somewhere instead of running for the President of the United States and doing brain surgery in his spare time? Holy cow!

Wait a minute! I could ask the same question of the whole covey of Republican Candidates for the Presidency!

The only American candidate that makes any sense, is ‘poor ole Bernie Sanders’; and, all he keeps telling the People, is that the United States is far behind the times and America should be doing what all the rest of the civilized Western World has been doing for their People, for years, that the Republicans keep saying “is Communism” instead of “providing for the General Welfare” of Americans, based on our Constitution’s Preamble!

Republicans think, anything that doesn’t bleed the people for corporate profits and cheat on their income tax, is “Communist”; and these jackasses have almost a billion Dollars ($900 million) of Koch brothers’ blood money, to keep 99% of the American people living in poverty.

I’m thinking what in the name of God, are the other people in the world thinking about People like me, who live in America; if I call myself Canadian, will others in the world possibly consider me sane?

Holy crap! Stop the World, I Want To Get Off!

And, God forgive the nitwit Republicans, for they “know not what they do”!

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