In response to Democrats who would challenge President Obama in the Democratic primary of 2012, I would only say that I have been a Democrat for 80 years, that is how old I am; I am a FDR Democrat. I don’t always approve of the Democratic Presidents (such as LBJ); I have been a fan of Republicans A. Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt but they have been dead for a long time and no Republicans that are alive comes close.

It is a truism, that Barrack Obama will be historically confirmed of one of America’s greatest and most intelligent Presidents but Americans are so damn racist that they can never accept a brilliant and compassionate mind like that of President Obama because he is half African heritage; Personally, I was amazed and delighted when Americans elected him in 2008.  It was a proud moment for America despite what Faux News says.

The saddest part of the Obama Presidency has been that the American people cannot accept a compassionate , tolerant, and intellectually superior President who is more Christian than those Christian jackasses are who continue to brand him a Muslim and he is perhaps one of the only Christians in America that the world’s Muslims would be willing to coexist with on the planet earth.

The George Bush regime of 8 years was not a democratically elected (by a majority) Presidential regime; President Obama was elected by an American majority (though perhaps by default).

President Obama has had to bear the political burden of Blue Dog (Neocon) Democrats and the undemocratic Republican 40% rule of the U.S. Senate; it has been devastating to America.

President Obama is so more astute than his Democratic racist opponents that would deny him a second term; in actuality, he really doesn’t give a damn because since 2008, President Obama has given his all for a progressive American Democratic Party agenda.

President Obama knows and I know that is all he can do. God bless President Obama.

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