Dear Cuz: Thanks for your email and let me say that there are a lot of people in this world that I do not like, but I refuse to hate any of them because they have their reasons for their own hatred, and I can’t do anything about that; so I feel sorry for them, because they do not have any happiness in their life and they are not content.

It is obvious to me, that hatred does not make anyone happy, it actually makes them feel bad and unhappy.

And, sometimes you appear have no happiness in your life, because you feel that you have to hate President Obama, or Speaker Pelosi, or all Muslims, or all Black people, or Democrats; I feel sorry for you, when you send emails like this last one that lets me know you are very unhappy about all Muslims; you appear to hate them and there are 1.8 billion of them to hate in our world, including about 7 million American Muslims.


You are sometimes unhappy about things that I say, and you want to hate me and do at times, and I feel sorry for you then, too. It is no fun to hate and that is why I refuse to hate; it would make me feel like crap, and I sure don’t want that.

When I lived in Switzerland I knew a lot of Swiss Muslims and I have some Swiss Muslim relatives in Switzerland, who love me very much, and I love them very much too. They do not dress in Muslim clothes so you don’t know they are Muslim unless they tell you. They too, do not hate, and in fact are very compassionate human beings.

When my Muslim relatives come to my house for dinner, I do not serve pork and I do not offer them alcoholic beverages because I know that they, like my Baptrist and Mormon friends do not drink alcohol and like my Jewish friends do not eat pork and I’m OK with that; I see nothing wrong with these religions.

I really like Swiss social manners, because in Switzerland it is impolite to ask personal questions or to force conversation on strangers; though it is fine for you to ask directions or other questions of Swiss, and the first thing you know they are involved in a pleasant conversation. But you never ask a Swiss their age, are they married, or about their religion?

Personally, I learned a lot of good things from the Swiss, I also learned from the Buddhists, I leaned things from the Muslims, and I learned some things from my Christian, Lutheran Church, however, I also was taught some bad things by my Lutheran Church and that is why I quit going to any Christian or any other church. I’ve come to treat spiritual issues as private, like Swiss do.

My personal religious experience was that once, I was told by a Lutheran minister from the seminary, in his sermon in my church, “You have been taught not to hate and I tell you that you should hate all who disagree with Lutherans.”

At that, I got up, left, and never went back; but I never hated that man, of his own Lutheran God.

And, I had already questioned the church, because when I went into the military, my Lutheran pastor ‘ordered me’, “While you are in the army, don’t ever worship or take communion with anyone else, except Lutherans.” At that time, I just totally ignored my pastor; I never hated him.

For your information, politically, I am not a good Democrat; there are some Democrats that I would never vote for and if President Obama had been Republican I would have voted for him anyway, based on his opposition. People assume I am a Democrat because I cannot find a single Republican, currently, that I could vote for with a clear conscience; and my conscience is my guide.

Admittedly, I have sometimes voted for a candidate that I did not totally like or approve of, and in those cases it was a question of voting for the lesser of two evils, because in America, based on our Constitution, we have only two viable political party candidates to choose from. Personally, I wish we would change that. Meantime, when I vote in America, I am currently actually voting ‘against’ the candidate that I think would be the worst President of the two; admittedly, I am sometimes embarrassed by casting my vote.

So cousin, I wish you would try to not hate anyone and try to eliminate all hate from your heart, feel sorry for and show compassion for friends, enemies, and political figures who hate you and everyone else that you want to hate. It really makes you feel good, content, and happy, I promise you; and that is a good thing.

When I disagree with a politician, I only disagree with what they believe, when I know that what they believe in, will hurt other innocent people. “All lives matter!” Love all living beings!

It makes me uncomfortable, when I see people who need help and for any reason are not able to resolve their own problem, must suffer, and others hate them for not taking proper care of their self or their family because they are “lazy”.

Personally, I worked with the poor all my life, as a teacher, and I know they have to work harder than some people who are employed, because they cannot for some good reason hold employment; and when you are not employed, you have to work hard just to eat, keep warm, and care for your family. I especially have the utmost compassion for the poor because I know that I would not want to hire them myself, because they have “issues” that make them wrong choices for employment.

And, I have to be very careful to not hate an elaborate ‘Christian Church’ building and/or elaborate public ‘parks’ built in the midst of poor Americans who are hungry and without food! It just does not appear appropriate to me.

Further, I find it difficult to love America where I am aware that one out of every five American children lives below the poverty level.

However, I actually remain a happy person only because, in addition to feeding myself and my family, my most difficult life’s ‘job’ has been to eliminate hate from my being. So far, I have been successful, and I feel very fortunate to have lived a happy life, and I have been content and happy.

I wish you well, Cuz, and know that I love you.

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