The American democratic Republic faces a crisis in 2010: unemployment. There are other compelling issues such as senseless American wars raging, outrageous health care costs devouring the common man’s income, a disappearing middle class, an increasingly inequitable income between the two percent of wealthiest Americans and everyone else, and a gigantic increase in Americans who are living in poverty. However, the primary issue of most concern to every American without a doubt is: how to get a job or how to keep your job.

The unemployment issue of the 2010 American Mid Term Election appears over simplistic; it is not!

The 2010 Election is ostensibly about a Republican or a Democratic solution to the unemployment problem and how to get Americans fully employed. There is a ridiculous concept that appears to be occupying the minds of media influenced Americans that the incumbent Democratic Administration, and the President himself, is responsible for unemployment in America and if the Republicans replace Democrats in Congress that Republicans will reduce taxes of wealthy employers of America causing them to compassionately employ more workers than they need, they will deport ugly undocumented Mexican employees of the wealthy employers of American and thus create maid and busboy jobs for real Americans, and they will reduce government spending by eliminating welfare programs for those poor Americans that wealthy American employers consider not worthy of employing.

The truth of the matter is that the President of the United States has nothing to do with employment in the private sector because wealthy Corporate America is the primary employer of American Labor; unemployment is actually beneficial only to Corporate America because it reduces their costs of labor; Corporate America can weather unemployment longer than Labor because Labor has to eat; and the President of the USA is not anti Corporate America because they are the only entity that can eliminate the unemployment problem and make his Administration look good.

That sets the stage.

The American Mid Term Elections of 2010 has created an insidious circumstance in which the political campaign has become violent and broadened into an American Civil War; the apparent belligerents in the war in America are the American employers against the American employees. The Democrats represent the poor middle class employees and the Republicans represent the wealthy Corporate American employers. Since the bulk and majority of voters in America are employees, the Republicans have found it necessary to actually convince a number of employees that it is more beneficial for them to support their potential employers and rely on Corporate America’s human compassion to hire and enrich employees, rather than to unite with other like employees and members of the Democratic Party, for better working conditions.

What is different in 2010, is the recent politically Republican U.S. Supreme Court majority of 5 Justices’ “Citizens United” Decision which allows Corporate America employers and foreign interests benefiting from out sourcing to contribute as much money as they want to political parties and basically purchase candidates who will pursue the selfish interests of the contributors. American democracy has suffered more from the Neocon Republican US Supreme Court’s majority of five’s “Citizens United Decision”, than the American democratic Republic suffered from bin Laden’s 911 Atrocity.

The American Mid Term Election of 2010 has turned ugly. Recent news clips on television have shown extremist Republican candidate resorting to violence to oppress their Democratic opponents. A Democratic opponent has been subdued and handcuffed by agents of an extremist Republican candidate requiring rescue by police; a young female Democratic campaigner was wrestled to the ground and is suffering s concussion from being stomped on her head by the foot of an over exuberant Republican extremist supporter; and extremist Republican candidates for Congress are insisting that they will exercise their Second Amendment Rights to own a gun to resort to violent rebellion for implementing their extremist agenda if they are not duly elected by the majority of the voters (its on the table according to one candidate).

This is not a 2010 Mid Term Election. It is a Civil War between American employers and employed or unemployed Americans; it is a Civil War between wealthy Corporate America and Middle Class American employees. November 2, 2010 is D Day!

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