An ominous aura surrounds America’s 2010 Midterm Election. Extremist Republicans and their Tea Party components constituting a minority of American voters based on the Democratic Party landslide election of 2008, have determined that the the majority will not rule in America; they defy democratic principles altogether promoting the Second Amendment to the Constitution (Right to bear arms) and moving to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution (providing equal Rights for all citizens). The 2010 Republican candidates personify the John Birch Society concept that America is not and was never intended to be a democracy; the good news is that they represent a minority in America.

The bad news is that these Republican demagogues have so disgusted the dedicated democratic American majority that they are inclined to distance themselves from these extremists by ignoring them and not voting; this is, unfortunately, the way that extremist minorities are able to establish themselves as a tyrannical minority. The greatest danger of the American democratic Republic in 2010 is for the democracy loving American majority not to vote.

The primary issue in 2010 Midterm Elections is preservation of the Constitutional American democratic Republic and defeating the extremist Republican opponents of our democratic Republic.

The Republican Party today is obviously not the Party of Abraham Lincoln and those values that President Lincoln stood for; the Republican Party today has been taken over by the John Birch Society and other opponents of democracy. Their plan to take over the American government is to use their hated democracy’s election process to overthrow the American Constitutional government and if that fails, some of them have publicly stated and threatened to use their Second Amendment Rights to own guns and spill their opponents blood in order to overthrow the American democratic government. The Republican Party leader, Rep. John Boenher, recently declared in newspaper headlines, “We will not compromise.” Boenher’s remark and his proposal to repeal the 14th Amendment can easily be interpreted as a threat to Constitutional government.

In recent days the news has carried a series of incidents that are alarming to most Americans and it was all recorded on video tape and played repeatedly by most TV News channels. One Republican candidate’s thugs subdued and handcuffed an opponent that had to be rescued by police. Another Republican candidate’s supporters threw a young woman opponent to the ground stomping on her head giving her a concussion. A Republican candidate threatened to “take out” a news reporter. A number of the Republican candidates have intimated that if they failed to win control of American government, they would resort to armed rebellion against it, citing the Second Amendment and misrepresenting Thomas Jefferson’s admonition that occasional spilling of blood may be necessary to preserve American democracy. One Republican candidate on television insists that armed rebellion is “on the table”.

The Republican Party has not repudiated these candidates or their actions.

Acts and statements of extremist Republican candidates have gone far beyond their freedom of speech and have become threats against the American democratic Republic. There are limits to the US Constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech; the US Supreme Court has said that freedom of speech does not give a person the Right to cry “Fire!” in a crowded theater. All Americans however have a right and a duty to speak up and react adversely to political candidates who threaten violent overthrow of democratic American government; these insurrectionist Republicans against democracy have exceeded their Rights of Freedom of Speech and their Right to Bear Arms. The Republican extremists represent the antithesis of America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Government.

Americans have never seen an American election so based on hatred, fear, and threats.

Considering the political hatred, threats, and actual violence of recent days, one can only look to the eve of the American 2010 Midterm Elections and wonder if Americans will experience violence by Repubican extremists against the majority because the extremists failed to overthrow the government of the majority in democratic elections; or will Americans experience violence by Republican extremists who overthrew the majority’s democratic government because the majority did not exercise their right to vote against the extremists.

The 2010 Midterm Elections is not a normal election of Republicans vs. Democrats; it pits an extremist minority against the patriotic majority of the American democratic Republic, whether the democratic majority is Democrat, Republican or Independent and regardless of the extremists’ political party affiliation.

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