My take on the economy is that unemployment is the responsibility of Corporate America that is out to get President Obama and “his Regulation of Corporations”; corporations are America’s employers and they are the only American entity that profits from unemployment. Unemployment means cheaper labor and in the in periods of unemployment, labor costs are reduced and profits actually increase.  Super markets have fewer cashiers, customers wait longer in line, customers still buy the same amount of groceries, and the fewer cashiers represents lower labor costs and more profits for the supermarket.

Corporate America represents the wealth of America and they can hold out on the employment issue longer than Labor because Labor has to eat and pay the mortgage and Corporate America only delays sales profits during periods of unemployment, recouping sales in subsequent better times.

The government is not responsible for unemployment nor can government do anything about it except compete with Corporate America for labor (with WPA, CCC, and stimulus projects).

Despite the U. S. Supreme Court “Citizens United” decision, corporations are not human, they are not citizens, and they are not capable of loyalty to America or compassion for Americans; this should be obvious to most American voters and when appropriately perceived, corporations without regulations are potentially sinister and dangerous.

Since the Bush Administration 2001-2009 deregulation of business, Corporate America has had its way, unfettered by those regulations, controlling the American economy and running the Economy. The Republican Party is the Party of Corporate America just as the Democratic Party has been the Party of Labor.

Since the “Citizens United” Court Decision, Corporate America and foreign corporations that profit from American trade and resourcing of labor, now have the wealth and the legal right to buy all US Senators and Members of Congress who are recipients of their campaign contributions (basically Republican candidates of course). The Supreme Court, through its “Citizens United” decision, has just completed the Bush Administration’s elimination of the American democratic Republic and the establishment of the American plutocratic Republic.

The economy and employment will more than likely improve after the 2010 Midterm elections no matter which party wins; Corporate America will have played its hand and will be ready to restart the American economy whether the Republicans or the Democrats win; for Corporate America, there is always the next recession for lowering labor costs and increasing profit and they now have the power to buy Congress.

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