Whether or not President Karzai of Afthanistan is a throw back to Medieval times is not relevant. President Karzai is the choice of the occupiers of Afghanistan, President George W. Bush specifically, and Karzai is not the choice of the Afghan culture or its people.

America cannot justify invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, bin Laden was and is a Saudi citizen, bin Laden hasn’t been in Afghanistan for 9 years, and bin Laden never was supported by Afghans or Afghan Government which did not exist in 2001 because of civil war in Afghanistan.

America failed to accomplish anything in Afghanistan, America never declared war on Afghanistan, and America never had a purpose in Afghanistan except to capture bin Laden who wasn’t there.

For God’s sake, President Obama, get the hell out of Afghanistan now before the 2010 election; you will be a hero to Americans, save the lives of American GIs, and be a benefactor to Afghans who don’t want American occupiers.  It is a no-brainer.

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