After reading a front page headline and story of President Clinton announcing the success of his Global Initiative Program, I became enraged, not by Clinton’s success, but by Clinton’s failure to recognize the crisis facing me and other Americans, right here in America; this is the letter I penned to former President Bill Clinton.

Damnit, sorry Bill but your ego is not as important to me as the American crisis in my back yard; satisfying your ego is not tops on my list. America does not need you competing with President Obama for headlines bragging about your Global Issues Program.

There is an important election coming in a couple of months and your behavior of late is helping the wrong side. This is not about who controls a losing Democratic Party, you ass, it is who can get the success message, such as it is, of President Obama’s efforts of dealing with the issues over to the American people. All the Democrats have to do is to run on their record and make the Republican Party run on their own miserable record of opposing progress and financial recovery and offering no solutions of their own.

There is no logical reason why the Democrats should not improve their majority in both Houses of Congress if you just compare the records of the two parties.

But you, Bill, are still trying to convince Americans that you didn’t enact NAFTA and lose American jobs and former President Peanuts Carter is still trying to convince Americans that he did not screw up rescue of American hostages in Iran. Enough of both of you and that Democratic Party “shooting self in foot” mentality crap.

Democrats have a big job ahead convincing Americans that their only choice is between Democrats who have tried to address unemployment and health care and Republicans who have opposed everything and proposed nothing but return to the Bush Era. Get yourself out of the headlines President Clinton, and your concern for Kenya, Mexico, and Jordon because the Democrats have a tiger by the tail right here in America; the Republican Party of tea bag nuts, cheap labor, no tax for millionaires, and Faux News pundits bashing the American President as a communist and racist is a threat to the American democratic Republic.

Get a life President Clinton! Do something positive and address the real issues facing America or shut the hell up.

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