Damn, Mr. President, I worked my ass off to get you elected because you said you were for the same things that I wanted; but, then when you became President you said you wanted consensus with Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats. Frankly, Mr. President, that is not only opposites, it is bullshit.

Mr. President, I consider myself a liberal Democrat, liberal meaning “not narrow in opinion or judgment” like the dictionary says; I am a ‘progressive’ only if that means that I am for making progress; however, I am not a bleeding heart nor a Communist.

Actually, I believe in the socialized United States Postal Service and the American socialized public schools established by our founding fathers because I believe the purpose of government is to provide what citizens cannot do for themselves. I thought that you agreed. I voted for you because I believe in universal medical care, protection of consumers, and prevention of depression and consumer protection through the regulation of business and banking.

Mr. President, I believe that a majority of Americans believe like me, and we are the majority of the voters who elected you! Please do not screw us over!

Every year, since the 2000 election (or Supreme Court selection), of President George W. Bush, poverty has increased in America; we are involved in America’s longest war in American history with Afghanistan, who had nothing to do with the terrorist attack on November 11, 2001; and we have the worse problem of unemployment since the Great Depression of 1930 which is the fault of Corporate American employers and NAFTA and not the US government. In the name of Heaven forget complicity and consensus with those damn Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats; it isn’t our fault, damnit, it’s theirs!

Sir, you still have half a term. Get rid of those half-assed Establishment (Centrist) Democrats in your Administration. Get nasty and tough in mid-term elections and get back to basics of those who elected you, liberal Democrats and Independents; we are a majority. We elected you to do what you promised: universal health care, support for American labor, consumer protection, and regulation of Corporate America and the banks.

Mr. President, get it done in 2010.

Your servant

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