America and the Obama Administration are concerned about the rising costs of health care.

So goes American health care without a public option. Health care prices rise because insurance companies benefit from higher health care costs, it increases profits; that is what drove health care costs out of reason in the first place. Private sector Health Care Providers are in business to make a profit and not to provide adequate health care to subscribers.

Health care is not something that people should trust to the private sector; who wants Enron to be responsible for their health care.  Would anyone want Enron to be responsible for their mail or the education of their children.

America’s founding fathers founded the United States Postal Service because they thought communication was too important to trust to the private sector; the founding fathers provided for public education in the Northwest Ordinance of 1785, before the US Constitution was written.

Unless those dimwits who oppose the public option in American health care are ready to call George Washington and Thomas Jefferson socialists or Communists, the opponents of the public option should shut their mouth and crawl into a hole and the Democrats and the Administration should quit pussy-footing around in regard to American Health Care Reform.  America needs a public option and if the private sector cannot compete like the non-profit health care providers, like Kaiser Permanente do, then the private sector is incompetent and should not be in the business.

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