Today, I quite innocently began to read, “Yes, You’re a Racist — And a Traitor”, by John Price: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-e-price/yes-youre-a-racist—-and-a-traitor_b_7640654.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592

Simply stated, Price’s piece is a must read for every American and I’m convinced that too many will not read it, and of those who do, too many will dismiss it as someone else’s ‘opinion’ and not fact.

But what Price has done, has summed up the ridiculous reasons why our democratic Republic is not called the democratic United People of America, and instead has become the treacherous undemocratic United States of America. Price explains why America is divided by hate and treachery.


In this case, I am speaking as a professional U.S. History teacher, and thus a professional historian of sorts.

But my academic background, is a small part of what drives me; my experience of eighty-five years is the cause of the tears of sorrow that well up in me, when Dylann Roof executes nine of his fellow citizens, who love and trust him, in cold blood, simply because of his belief in folklore garbage and his total lack of knowledge of history and historical fact.

As a school teacher who taught American history, I woefully recall having too many students like Dylann Roof in my class, who had more faith in the movie, “Gone With the Wind” (1939), than in our history book; in my father’s time, the movie that justified the KKK and molded hateful minds was, “Birth of a Nation” (1915), another exceedingly popular movie. And yes, I have taught students who I knew were White Supremacists and Nazis, that I failed; and I taught public school in Illinois and California, not the “South”.

Did I fail those White supremacist and Nazi students of mine, and America too; yes, of course I failed! I found myself helpless against the folklore power of Strom Thurman, Adolf Hitler, “Gone with the Wind”, and “Birth of a Nation”, just as I’m helpless against the folklore that possesses every reader of this blog post today. Read the Price article and examine yourself.

America is divided between those who believe in our historical American democracy and those who believe in their own absolute personal freedom bestowed upon them by American folklore, to the detriment of a Sunday School class of African Americans of Emanuel AME Church.

Dylann Roof is not insane, instead he has been convinced by American White Supremacist folk heroes that he has a cause to hate and kill; he is a normal American.

But personally, I will never give up; and I encourage you to read the suggested article by Price while I throw up!

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