Mr. President, I was born to be an employee, and to depend on an employer for my family’s livelihood; our survival is at stake. If my employer moves his business overseas for cheap labor and higher profits, my family is relegated to poverty. And that, President Obama, is what your trade agreement is all about.

If your trade agreement is good for America, it is good for a part of America that my family and I are not a part of.

Personally, I support my employer and take pride in my work, because I am totally dependent on my employer and my employment; but my employer is not dependent on me, if he has the alternative to move his operation to a South Pacific location where the government there uses their workers who have no Labor Union, no NLRD, no labor law, work for a pittance, and are considered by their elite population to be their “natural resource”, and my employer can increase his profits by lowering his labor costs.

Further, I have no need for Federal retraining for another job that does not exist, thank you anyway; for me it is about feeding my family not retraining.

What else is it that you want to know about the opposition to your trade agreement by me, the American working Middle Class and Poor, and my Labor Union? We are a vast majority of America’s population who elected you.

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