American Patriot’s Lament

       America’s democratic Republic is two hundred and nineteen years old; it is old enough that it can no longer plead the ignorance of inexperienced youth to excuse its undemocratic indiscretions of racial and religious intolerance.  Barack Obama’s current traumatic experience dealing with racial and religious intolerance in America, by virtue of his choice of religious institution, has led Americans to a crossroad. 

      Obama’s opponents to his candidacy for President, suggest that he is not suited to be President because the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, minister of Obama’s church, made some irresponsible remarks about an intolerant America eight years ago.  It is ironic that an intolerant America can eliminate a Presidential candidate of a democracy because of the candidate’s religious affiliation. 

        Those unflattering remarks by Reverend Wright were about the America that had persecuted today’s African-American forefathers, by enslaving them, and has continued to discriminate against today’s descendents of those slaves, almost one hundred fifty years since human slavery was abolished by a bloody American civil war.   Certainly, racial discrimination is not dead!

     Unfortunately Americans, have been brain-washed by unscrupulous political leaders, to believe that all Americans should exhibit great pride in America, regardless of their nation’s sometimes horrid undemocratic behavior; Americans are expected to have the same pride in an America that judges a man by his ethnic heritage and his religious leader’s remarks that they have for an America of Abraham Lincoln who put an end to his country’s approval and embrace of human slavery.  This is nonsense. 

      If Americans are realistically committed to the American democratic Republic, they must learn to recognize the threat to their democracy by the fascist, plutocratic, and theocratic bigoted citizens among them today.  And, the opponents of American democracy are alive and well, today; some occupy positions where they command much recognition, like Bill O’Reilly of Fox news.  O’Reilly’s racial and religious bias is obvious, while he poses as a pious advocate of fairness and liberty. 

       Recently, O’Reilly ask a guest, of his own persuasion, if the guest thought that revelation of the Obama church’s minister’s radical remarks would hurt Obama if Obama’s political opponents continued to bring the matter up.

      “Obama’s opponents do not need to keep bringing it up, you perpetuating it,” the guest replied.

      Typically, O’Reilly never reacted to the guest’s remarks.

      Then, O’Reilly condemned Obama for continuing his membership in his church after Reverend Wright’s inappropriate remarks.  O’Reilly maintained that Obama was wrong for not leaving his church and finding a different church.   Another guest reminded O’Reilly that priests of his own Catholic Church had been guilty of sexually abusing children and recalled that O’Reilly had not changed his own church affiliation after the Catholic Church lost numerous lawsuits relating to the pedophilia; O’Reilly did not answer.

      Senator Barack Obama’s response to his situation was interesting.  It emphasized the whole purpose of his candidacy, he said.  The basis of his campaign is that it is time for America to ‘change’, and it is time for America to put racism and religious bigotry behind them and come together ‘as one’, as a democratic people tolerant of the racial and religious differences of the American people.  It is time for Americans to say that ‘we are one’, democratic Americans, regardless of race or religion.  It has been over two hundred years since the American democratic Republic was founded in 1787; it is time that we became one America.

      Retelling the story of the creation of our U.S. Constitution, Obama the Constitutional lawyer states that “. . . it is a story that is seared into my genetic makeup the idea that this nation is more than the sum of its parts – that out of many, we are truly one.”  This is what the candidate Obama is all about.

     Sen. Clinton’s campaign is all about her thirty-five years of political experience and Sen. McCain is about  maintaining the course in the war in Iraq; Sen. Obama is about bringing the nation together as one, maintaining that it is time to eliminate the racial and religious divisions in America.  Barack Obama is a unique candidate in this respect; Obama is an opportunity for America.  He believes that now is the time to eliminate the stigma of the previous American approval of human slavery, forever; he believes that now is the time to eliminate any unconstitutional religious requirements of candidates for office.

      It is time, after two hundred years, that Americans embrace the U.S. Constitution in its entirety, and finish that which our forefathers began, Obama is trying to tell America.  We, as one people, must eliminate the bigotry that causes some American’s radical condemnation of a bigoted America.  It will happen now, or not, Senator Obama says.

     If America does not respond to Obama’s challenge now, America will NOT  speak as one democratic people as long as racism continues to exist.  America will NOT speak as one as long as religious intolerance exists.  This is what Barack Obama stands for.  Barack Obama is a rare opportunity for America to become the true democratic Republic that Americans today only dream of; it either becomes a reality today, or it doesn’t.


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