Lately, there has been privacy concerns expressed over some privatized social networking sites.

America has had My Space, Face Book, and rivals trying to make a mint out of the slack in social networking. Mind you, I am not a socialist at heart, I believe an individual should be able to benefit from his own creativeness, inventiveness, and ingenuity; however, I trust my government more than any privatized capitalistic venture that pretends trust. In difference to My Space, Google, Enron, or Face Book, I would welcome a U.S. Government social network that would officially guarantee security of the privacy of the individual. Frankly over the years, I have trusted most my Post Office, my Social Security, and as bad as it is, my Internal Revenue Department. I trust my America with my mail, my Social Security check, and my income tax; I do not trust Enron.

I disagree with Right Wing-Nuts that the American democratic Republic is incompetent, totally corrupt, and ineffective. If the U.S. Government provided a social network, I would subscribe because I trusted them more than privatized ones: socialism be damned.

AT&T was supposed to be trustworthy with my phone and internet, but when the Bush
Administration spied on Americans without a warrant, AT&T cooperated with them to listen to my phone calls and read my email; consequently, I do not trust AT&T or the Bush Administration but in choosing between the two, I would choose to trust any American government under a different President than Bush more than any other private corporations.

God bless America; I am a patriotic American even if that sounds funky and naïve to Republicans and Fox News.  Hey, write your Congressman to establish an internet social network under the United States Postal Service allowing them to advertise to pay for it; that’s a winner.

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