Today, I’m reading, “Obama Fires Back at Elizabeth Warren and Trade Critics, Escalating Democratic Feud’:

President Obama is a scholar, a lawyer, and he politically captured the hearts of the common everyday hard working Middle Class and Poor; but on the issue of trade agreements, President Obama appears to be obsessed, possessed, and out of his mind.


My own humble analysis is that the President knows of the working American’s place in life from observation, but he has never experienced the fragility of the working American’s existence; the President can sympathize but not empathize. The President hasn’t actually been there, as a humble employee of an employer who thinks in terms of his own profits, without regard for the tenuous existence of his employees and their family.

A job, Mr. President, is really all that an employee ever has in this life; and, employment is a fragile commodity. An employee whose job is making hula hoops for sale, is never secure in his lifetime; no American worker is ever secure!

Trade agreements take jobs away from working Americans, we have seen that and we know that; when the Polaris Company moved its entire manufacturing operation from Minnesota to Mexico because of the NAFTA Trade Agreement, American workers were left without jobs. And, that is what Trade Agreements are all about for America’s working Middle Class and Poor.

American workers cannot afford to be concerned about the American trade deficit, the American worker is and is required to be totally occupied with putting bread on the family table.

Unless you are totally responsible for your spouse and children’s very existence, and found yourself unemployed, you have absolutely no concept of what it is like to be an unemployed American worker. And for every American worker, there is a constant threat of unemployment and trade agreements that create unemployment.

President Obama said, “When I just keep on hearing people repeating this notion that it’s (his trade agreement) secret — I gotta say, it’s dishonest. And it’s a little concerning when I see friends of mine resorting to those sort of tactics.”

It really hurts me to hear the President say this, because I thought he was my friend and I honestly do not know what his trade agreement is all about, it is a secret that he has not shared with me.

And President Obama said, “The notion that corporate America is going to be able to use this provision to eliminate our financial regulations and our food safety regulations and our consumer regulations — that’s just bunk,” Obama said. “It’s not true.”

Honestly, I do not know what is true because the President’s Trade Agreement is a secret and all I know is that it is a trade agreement; and, I do know that too many of my fellow American workers are unemployed because their employers move out of America to use foreign workers who work for less than American employees did. And I certainly know for a fact that if the employer was making profits when an American was working for him, he used an American trade agreement to make more profit using foreign workers, and that is his only reason for leaving American workers unemployed.

Furthermore, it is well established that Corporate America does favor President Obama’s Trade Agreement and would prefer to see it become law today, if possible; Corporate America seems to know what is in the Trade Agreement and they like it.

Personally, I love my President and I voted for him twice; but now, he is ‘bullshitting’ me! And I am devastated by it.

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