America’s most responsible economists agree that America right now needs to put the unemployed to work, if America is going to survive the current depression: Daily Beast, “Get America Back to Work” at$Y55&om_mid=_BMRERdB8O5mxrD&

You, the American people, are insane, you have been mesmerized by a touted free market economy; there is no such thing as free market economy, supply and demand, fair trade, or “trickle down” bonanzas! All economy is incestuous; all employees are consumers, stupid.

The differential between poor and wealthy has increased in the Bush Administration Reaganomics deregulation and poverty increased very year that President Bush was in office which means consumers have diminished; the results are that there too few consumers compared to entrepreneurs. All people look at the stock market as an economic barometer; no one looks at citizens below poverty level. People living in poverty are poor consumers only; they need to be made wealthy, productive laborer consumers with dignity and respect, better living conditions, and a better economy.

If no one seems to believe that 100% employment is the ideal, the American democratic Republic will continue to falter and fall into the economic abyss.

The only proper capitalism for a democracy like America is the right of an individual to profit from his own inventiveness, ingenuity, and sweat. Predatory capitalism, like we have in the USA where every corporation’s dream is to gobble up their competitor, is simply the legalized monopoly, corruption, and plutocracy that we have today.

Call it whatever you like, but a goal of 100% employment is the only way to avoid economic depression and America is in an economic depression right now. Those responsible for the mass unemployment we have today, is corporate America; they are the employers and they are the only people who benefit from mass unemployment, for corporate America it is called ‘cheap labor and big profits’. The President of the United States is not responsible for unemployment in the private sector, stupid; corporate America is.

If America is to break out of this depression, it will be because the government has developed a Federal plan for achieving 100% employment and instituted a 1930s type program like the WPA which will put the unemployed to work on infrastructure, like public transpiration that America needs so desperately, and that will (interestingly enough) compete with the private sector and make the private sector compete by putting unemployed labor to work and creating (guess what) CONSUMERS! Building electric railroads also requires steel, copper, electricity and locomotives; which means even more employment and creation of much needed consumers.

Now, why didn’t all of you people elect me to be the President of the United States?

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