This morning, I sent the following letter to President Obama; I urge all Americans to spread the word. It is not party politics; it is working Americans politics. Here is my letter:

Mr. President, I voted for you twice and believed you to be a liberal, progressive who would respect the plight of the American working Middle Class and Poor; trade agreements have been disastrous for the American Working Middle Class and poor.

Our average wage is down, unemployment is up, inequity in income favors the wealthy, the stock market is at a record high, the working Middle Class and Poor has dwindled, families living in poverty has increased, 50% of American children live in poverty, and food stamp funding has been reduced but subsidies for the oil industry is retained, and the tax on inheritance by the wealthy has been eliminated.

You have the gall to say this about “your trade agreement”, “When people say that this trade deal is bad for working families, they don’t know what they’re talking about . . . I take that personally. My entire presidency has been about helping working families.” Mr. President, we the working people do not know what the hell is in your trade agreement, it is a secret. But, statistics do not lie; the average U.S. wage had decreased and U.S. corporate profits have increased to a record high because of U.S. trade agreements.

America’s workers are suffering because of U.S. Trade Agreements; I’m suffering!

POVERTY 1959-2011
POVERTY 1959-2011

Polaris Manufacturing (snowmobiles) has moved entirely to Mexico from Minnesota to produce products to sell American consumers because of The NAFTA trade agreement. Take a ride Mr. President, east from San Diego where I live, to Mexicali and then south into Mexico and see all the new American Manufacturing Companies now producing products for Americans, in Mexico with cheap Mexican Labor; then the products are hauled north for American workers to buy! I have seen this with my own eyes!

Do you want to know what’s wrong with immigration, Mr. President; employers no longer have to hire illegal Mexicans in America, employers moved the jobs to Mexico and legally use cheap Mexican labor, don’t pay taxes, and then fight your immigration policies in America.

You say, “America’s workers don’t know what they are talking about?” What we do know is that trade agreements cost us jobs and wages! They cost us lots and lots of jobs and wages.

Every day, American workers go to work at the mercy of employers and totally dependent upon their employers, hoping and praying to keep their job and to be able to earn enough to provide bread and a roof for their family; many working poor, work full time and are still living in poverty and qualify for food stamps that Republicans refuse to fund. Mr. President, you don’t experience that; we do.

Mr. President, what have you done to support Labor Unions, it is the only voice that we the working Middle Class and Poor have. Are you even aware of the Republicans’ elimination of labor unions in Wisconsin and other States? Where was your voice?

Mr. President, I fought for your election; I am being betrayed! END

NOTE: Spread the word; here is the President’s email address:

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