In reading a news article about unemployment and the economy, on the internet, I read a question in the comments of readers from a blogger that I call Stupid Republican, to be definitive, and I thought the question needed to be answered rationally.

Here is Stupid Republican’s question:

“Obama has failed to create any jobs, failed to turn the economy around, failed to stop the oil leak, failed to protect the environment, failed to reduce the deficit and failed to bring the troops home from Afghanistan.
“If anyone deserves to be hit with a crazy stick its Obama himself for all his failures.”

This is a rational answer to Stupid Republican’s question:

Stupid Republican, wake up! Government is not responsible for jobs, Corporate America is; we live in a capitalistic nation. You can’t condemn the poor economy for too many Big Government employees and fault the same government for unemployment; intelligence prohibits such thinking.

There are many things that Corporate America could do to create employment, like expanding their market or producing better products that are a necessity, costs a nickel to produce, and sells for a dollar. That is what capitalist corporations do for a living and that is what production does to lower the number of workers that are unemployed.

There is actually nothing that the government can do to increase employment, including reducing the tax of the rich. President Bush failed to increase employment by reducing tax on the rich; it just made the rich richer and they did not need to hire more workers because the reduction of taxes increased their profits without their having the burden of an increase in labor overhead.

It is not government’s responsibility to market products and increase production; that is actually prohibited. The problem is that Corporate America wants to increase profits by simply controlling and raising prices, like the price of gasoline, which does not put America’s unemployed to work; it simply makes unemployed workers poorer and less able to buy gasoline.

Republicans just don’t seem to like poor working people and can’t figure out how corporate America can make profits selling products if poor unemployed people are too poor to buy them. To Stupid Republicans, this is a catch 22.

Wake up! Stupid Republicans always judge the economy by the stock market, which is Corporate America, and not statistics of Americans living in poverty, which is the unemployed poor. When the stock market and Corporate America fail, Stupid Republicans blame the government; it is not the government, it is Corporate America, stupid. Corporations are at a grave disadvantage because they are not human; consequently, corporations are incapable of being compassionate or caring about the poor and unemployed, much like Stupid Republicans. Yet, Corporate America controls the economy and employment, unfettered by the U.S. Government, since President Reagan eliminated regulations on Corporate America.

Why do Stupid Republicans oppose labor unions and promote Stupid Republican protest unions, like Tea-Baggers? Is it because Tea-Baggers carry guns and therefore are protected by the right to own arms provided by the U.S. Constitution? That appears to be the case.

As for President Obama not stopping the oil leak, I agree with you. The President refuses to approve of the most logical proposal for stopping the leak, which is to stuff the hole with Stupid Republicans who want to “Drill Baby, Drill”. Please write your Congressmen and tell them to pass legislation requiring the President to stuff the BP Oil Hole with Stupid Republicans.

I also agree that President Obama is at fault for not getting America out of Afghanistan; however, I also realize that the U.S. Army is the Bush PNAC politicized U.S. Army that refuses to end the wars they started and insist that Obama and voters support the troops instead or be guilty of being unpatriotic. The Bush appointed Army generals that are, of course, Stupid Republicans of necessity, threaten to pout and quit if President Obama will not allow them to keep their wars going and allow them to kill Muslims. The Stupid Republican Army is responsible for America’s wars and not President Obama.

Stupid Republicans and their armed Tea-Bagger compatriots have to realize that America is actually governed by the PNAC oriented U.S. Army and the forty-one percent of the U.S. Senate that is composed of Stupid Republicans. Why not ask their own Stupid Republican Forty-One Percent of the U.S. Senate to do something about unemployment and the war; they just might be able to make a difference and do something positive by simply voting yes once in a while instead of always no.

This essay should not be considered to assume that all Republicans are stupid; the Stupid Republicans chronicled here are just those Republicans who have obviously proved without a doubt that they are stupid by their utterances and behavior. Condolences to those Republicans who do not talk and behave stupidly; you are loved and neither one of you should feel offended by this essay.

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