I have discovered the futility of emptying the garbage can; the damn thing just gets filled up the next day.

It is a beautiful day for a healthy walk; I am thankful for all of those people who took advantage of it without me tagging along.

Surprisingly I am multi-tasked, I watched TV all afternoon and slept at the same time.

There is nothing better than curling up in bed at night with a good book; at least as long as the sharp edges of the book corners do not disturb your sleep.

Today, I ate in strict accordance with my daily weight loss diet; I am ahead of the game and will not have to eat for the next three days.

Almost every week I visit a friend in a nursing home and revive his self confidence because he beats the hell out of me at dominoes every time; I am handicapped, of course, because I only have ten fingers.

I was shocked when I entered my car today and discovered that someone had broken-into my car and rolled down all the windows; it was a great relief when I found that I had simply forgot that I had been to the car wash the day before.

I wasn’t able to wash the bed linens this morning as I had planned; I had forgotten that I planned to wash clothes and already had made the bed.

I got a new cell phone yesterday and it has a new ring, a band playing; today, I missed all my cell phone calls while looking for the parade with the band in it.

Absolutely, I should not be blamed for all of the bad habits that I inherited from my children.

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