Today, I was reading about the values of ‘going naked’, “There’s Good News for People Who Just Love Being Naked”: http://mic.com/articles/112782/there-s-good-news-for-people-who-just-love-being-naked

When I was a child and growing up, women were required to wear a hat to church, and as a child, I always wondered what it was about women’s heads that God did not like; so, I studied women’s heads and I didn’t find them very attractive but thought God must have a better reason not to want to see women’s heads. Surely God would not be unfair.

Also, I have always wondered why people had to wear clothes?

Adam and Eve

And, I always wondered why men could expose their nipples and women couldn’t; to me, nipples were nipples even if I never found a use for my own, they just looked like nipples to me.

Personally, I always thought women’s elbows were less attractive than their nipples and all women exposed their elbows all the time except when they wore long sleeves.

As for me, I love to be naked; I feel more comfortable naked. I sleep better naked and it is more convenient for me to shower naked.

For a time, I thought God opposed nudity because maybe God didn’t like naked people; but then God made an appearance on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, naked as a baby jay bird, letting it all hang out. Of course that made me feel much better about God. And till then, I was never sure quite sure whether God was male or Female but after seeing God there on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, there was no doubt in my mind. And, I no longer feel God objected to nudity or the top of my mother’s head.

As for going around naked all the time, a very intelligent woman once told me, “I can’t understand why women can’t go around naked, they have nothing to expose, like men do!”

Well, I certainly couldn’t argue with that; and I did feel sorry for this wonderful woman, because I thought that women must suffer penis envy and feel inferior. Though I can’t truthfully say that my having a penis ever made me feel superior, I always considered myself being somewhat short of superior.

Personally, except to keep warm, I can’t understand the social necessity of clothing. However, I do conform to society for purely social reasons and to avoid arrest, not any intelligent reasons, and I appear legally clothed when necessary. However, the same people who would not approve of my nudity, disapprove of the fashion of my choice of clothes.

There appears to be no intelligent reasons for the clothing requirement or many other of American social mores.

God bless naked people!

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