One of today’s headlines really piqued my interest: “Mark Williams, Tea Party Leader, Says Muslims Worship ‘Monkey God’.” Huffington Post 5/20/10.

Since Muslims believe in Allah, the name that they use for the God of Abraham; isn’t the God of Abraham the same God or Jehovah that the Christians and Jews worship?

Really, I am confused by all these different Gods and they all start looking alike to me; yet none of the artists’ perception of God that I have ever seen looks like a monkey except for maybe the beard. I don’t know where Mark Williams got that idea.

But, all Gods have beards, don’t They?

God has a beard in all the pictures or statues I have seen of Him. But then no Muslim perception of God exists in art because Muslims do not believe in making images of God like the Christians do; Christians seem to have the inside track on what God really looks like. God looks like the guy on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and He looks like He must be Italian.

The God on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is extending His arm and sticking His finger out, like He is saying, “Here, pull my finger.” Now that is a God with a sense of humor, all right.

God (or Allah or Jehovah or whatever his name is) is love.

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