Today I am reading about, a hate statement made my John McCain. “I’m ashamed of my country, I’m ashamed of my president and I’m ashamed of myself that I haven’t done more to help these people,” said John McCain, speaking of the people of the Ukraine: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/john-mccain-ashamed-country-himself-ukraine/

And of course, I have an entirely different opinion; first, if Americans under President Papa Bush would have put aside their hatred of Russia because of their former communism, and welcomed our neighbor Russia back into to the world community after they aborted their world communism, helped them when the Russian people needed help, and established trade and cultural relations with our neighbor Russia, then Russians would never have found it necessary to attack the Ukraine (they attacked the Ukraine only for playing ‘footsie’ with Russian enemies, America and the West).

Instead, when Russia needed help, American President Papa Bush refused. These stupid Republicans don’t want to admit that Russia is our neighbor that even Republican Sarah Palin can see from her kitchen window; so why isn’t Russia treated as well by the United States, as Canada and Mexico?

If John McCain would have tried to help our neighbor Russia when Russia needed help, John McCain would not be ashamed of America, President Obama, and his self now, because Russia would not have needed to invade Crimea, because of the Ukraine favoring the West and America to the detriment of Russia. You can’t ignore history in making decisions today.

Instead of America blaming everyone else and ourselves, why doesn’t America ever try to be a compassionate neighbor, a cooperating neighbor, and not a competing neighbor of Russia?

So instead of agreeing with Sen. McCain, I am ashamed of the way the Republicans treat Russia as a threat and made the USA a threat to Russia. Instead, I have concern for the poor people of Russia who have a history and culture that we American neighbors could appreciate if we were ever given a chance.

It would be more of an advantage to America to have a close relationship to Russia, than to England and Germany; think about it.

We compete for the love of England and Germany instead of cooperating with Russia. What do Americans have against the Russians, only because they took back the Crimean seaport that used to be Russian, as compared to Americans taking California away from Mexico and what used to belong to Mexico?

America’s biggest problem is not Russia, it is instead, Republicans who ‘created’ ISIS and turmoil in the Mid East by waging wars of aggression against the Mid East, for the benefit of Corporate America’s foreign investments. And now, the working Middle Class American People need to figure out how they are going to get rid of John Birch Society, Neocon Republican extremists who have taken our democratic Republic away from us.

Personally as an American, I have no problem with Muslims, Arabs, or Russians; only John McCain and his Neocon Republican ilk have that problem. And, I prefer the Bolshoi Ballet to Iraqi oil; I can always take the bus to see the Bolshoi ballet.

As Pogo said, “We has met the enemy and it be us.”

And oh yes, I still remember Stalingrad and how those poor Russian people fought the Nazis against all odds and beat the crap out of them, for my benefit and the benefit of America!

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