I Wonder Why? (2)

I wonder why Republicans are getting so involved in the Democratic primary race and condemning both Hillary and Barrack, neither of whom they intend to vote for, while the Republican primary race produces no viable candidate.


I wonder why Americans are disagreeing over whether or not a suspect in a criminal case, whether a citizen or not, should have the right of ‘Habeas Corpus’ when the U.S. Constitution says it is the inalienable right of any man; either Americans should believe in the U.S. Constitution or they shouldn’t be living in a democracy!


I wonder why average American citizens refuse to accept any responsibility for America’s ugly image in the world today, as a nation that promotes and approves of torture, imperialism, sadism, greed, arrogance, and incessant violation of International Law with impunity; all Americans, who either agree and support the guilty Bush Administration or remain silent, are guilty (and this includes Congressmen of both political parties)?


I wonder why American Christians insist on legislating ‘their own Christianity’ to apply to all Americans (including non-Christians) but cannot find Christian compassion of their own to ‘love their enemy’ (or even some of their neighbors)?


I wonder if any of the seventy percent of the American people who oppose the War in Iraq can possibly vote for a candidate for the Presidency who voted for the Congressional, Bush ‘Iraq War Resolution’ and still defend it without apology?



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