What I Wonder?

I wonder why President Bush says his ‘Surge’ was successful, since he did not find any weapons of mass destruction? 

I wonder why in the world John McCain would want American troops to stay in Iraq for 100 years, when American cannot afford the cost of keeping them there for seven years?      

I wonder why Americans permit Television Network make so much profit from democratic elections, like 20 million dollars spent on political advertising for Super Tuesday alone; candidate information should be published as a public service and Americans can be bought for much less!

I wonder why so many Americans curse Mexican immigrants in America, where they say the Mexicans don’t belong, and Mexicans are descendents of American Indians?

I wonder how some Americans could laugh at Hillary Clinton crying on TV because if it was my wife crying on TV, I would get the hell out of her way!

I wonder how the government sending me $500 is going to stimulate the economy when I have to sent it right back to the government to pay my income tax?

I wonder why Gen. Petraeus says the ‘Bush Surge’ was a success because there are now fewer killings in Iraq, since that is like a woman being a little bit pregnant?

 I wonder why politicians think that giving vouchers paid for with tax money to the smartest kids, so they can go to private schools, is going to improve public schools?

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