How can Americans be so ignorant? For Americans who choose it, the public option will cost the same amount as what MY HEALTH INSURANCE COST S TODAY! My health insurance has been entrusted to Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance for 50 years and it is the same health insurance carried by most people (millions) in Southern California; the cost of the public option will be the same because Kaiser Permanente Insurance is a NON PROFIT CORPORATION. The public option probably will be less because costs will be determined by a bigger base.

Kaiser Permanente is in the health care business to provide health care for people and not in business to make a profit. The quality of my health care is not dependent on whether or not it is profitable to my health insurance provider. Profit making health insurance companies are in business to make a profit by proving health care for people as cheaply as they possibly can, to provide the greatest margin of profit for the company (just like Wal-Mart); if a premium payer is at risk to profits, they are dropped.

It is time for the American people to decide if they want health care solely to provide health care or health care designed to make the largest possible margin of profit for the carrier; the Obama plan and the public option is simply to give all Americans the choice that those of us in Southern California enjoy.

The public option is no more socialist than public schools.

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