Here is the short form commentary of Obama’s health care speech.

He said, listen, you knucklehead Democratic Congressmen, you were elected along with me in a landslide election in 2008, specifically to enact Universal health care and reform for America and to see to it that health care insurance companies quit screwing over your constituents. If insurance companies are going to do business in America they cannot be allowed to deny their clientele health benefits when they need them most nor deny people with preexisting conditions coverage. If insurance companies are not going to provide insurance for every and any American that needs it, then this government cannot allow those companies to do business in America.

The people of America must be allowed to choose their own insurance company and type of policy, under those regulatory conditions. Americans should also be allowed a public option, a competing and strictly government policy, for anyone who needs coverage and cannot get a better plan from a private company that is accessible to them; the government option policy would not be subsidized. It is as simple as that!

Republican Congressmen, who want to retain the status quo, need to quit spreading lies about the proposed health care plan just to defeat legislation that the American people want, need, and voted for; the President intends to call the liars out!

If you don’t want any credit for health care reform, fine, vote against it and next election run on your record and win enough votes in Congress to repeal health care reform. Put up or shut up! Don’t ever say you want health care reform but not Obama’s health care reform, unless you can propose something better.

The debate is officially over; this is the package; Congress needs to vote it up or down and face their voters in 2010.

President Obama ‘took off the gloves’ to deal with Republicans and their lies, explained to Americans why the Obama proposed health care reform is good for them and necessary, what the reform will provide, and assured Americans that they can keep whatever insurance that they have except that legislation will assure them that they will be covered and their benefits will be guaranteed by statute. The President also said he would veto any plan that increased the national deficit.

The Republican Congressmen reacted in their typical manner, with Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina heckling the President by shouting out “you lie” in the middle of the President’s address. However, the official Republican response was made by Congressman Charles Boustany of Louisiana who obviously had not heard President Obama’s speech; Congressman Boustany is also a physician and heart surgeon who questioned President Obama’s Hawaiian birth, once tried to establish himself as royalty in the UK, and has personally experienced medical malpractice suits; in other words, Boustany is a typical Republican Congressman. Consider yourself fortunate if you have a healthy heart that doesn’t require surgery.

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