This is an incredible story. The minds of the America people, today, are being filled with images of opponents of universal health care, wielding assault rifles to disrupt civil discussions of the issues of health care and while Americans are waging this civil war over the health care of its citizens, the people of America have forgotten that American and foreign troops are fighting and dying in Afghanistan every day, for absolutely no discernable purpose. Eight years ago on September 11, 2001, America suffered a heinous attack by terrorists who were avenging the highly questionable American military intrusion into Muslim Holy Land in Saudi Arabia ten years earlier; the tragedy of the terrorist attack on America was planned and carried out by a Saudi citizen, Osama bin Laden, who at the time was hiding out in the wilds of war ravaged Afghanistan that was still devastated from a previous Soviet invasion and withdrawal. The sovereign Afghan nation, however, had no part in the terrorist attack on America September 11th in 2001.

America in 2001 was solemnly going through the motions of inaugurating a President who ascended to the Presidency because five extremist US Supreme Court Justices made a political decision to stop the counting of votes in Florida’s Presidential Election of 2000, thereby awarding those electoral votes and the Presidency to the Republican candidate, who had only a minority of the national popular vote. The new American President in 2001 was a recovering alcoholic with an undistinguished academic career who had sought refuge from being sent to the Viet Nam War by joining the Texas National Guard, where he never fully fulfilled his responsibility. The new President of the United States, prior to ascending to the Presidency, had served as governor of the State of Texas where he distinguished himself as governor by executing more criminals than any other governor in America. The inauguration of the President of the United States in 2001 was not a particularly joyous one for a majority of American voter who had cast their votes for the new President’s opponent; there was not a lot to celebrate.

As fate would have it, the vile terrorist, Osama bin Laden, would test the inadequacy of the new President early in his term. The new President was warned of the impending terrorist attack by American Home Security, while vacationing on his ranch, a month before the attack and soon after his inauguration. He evidently placed the responsibility for reaction on his newly appointed National Security Advisor, a former dean of Stanford University, who testified later that “there was nothing more that America could do to fend off terrorist attack”.

The terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, destroying the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon Building in Washington DC cost about three thousand lives and was a shocking tragedy for Americans and the world community.

The new President George W. Bush, at that fateful hour, was reading a book to elementary students in a public school classroom in Texas and for the rest of that day and night his where-about was unknown for security reasons; America appeared leaderless. However, when President Bush did appear on the scene he immediately responded to the American tragedy in a typical abrasive “John Wayne manner” announcing that he wanted the perpetrator, Osama bin Laden, “dead or alive”. To accomplish this, America would invade Afghanistan for the purpose of apprehending Osama bin Laden; unfortunately at about the same time, Osama bin Laden wisely departed from Afghanistan. As a consequence, America invaded and occupied the sovereign nation of Afghanistan in 2001 to apprehend Osama bin Laden who has not been in Afghanistan since 2001, and America is still in Afghanistan fighting Taliban forces there who would like to exert their own control over Afghanistan.

Though America was supported by some other foreign entities in the American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, America invaded without a declaration of war which is a violation of International Law that America had approved through international treaty. President Bush’s rationale for the invasion was that any nation that harbors terrorists, as he claimed Afghanistan did, was just as guilty of terrorist attack as the terrorists themselves. Not everyone agreed with President Bush’s rationale, since very country, is would seem, has been guilty of harboring terrorists of some kind for some reason, including America. Without a Declaration of War against Afghanistan by the Congress of the United States, the war itself lacks some official sanction by the people.

There have been a multitude of issues in America since the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in 2001 and President Bush is now no longer President of the United States. The policy of the new President of the United States in 2009, Barack Hussein Obama, has been clearly stated; President Obama intends to continue to pursue the apprehension of Osama bin Laden, who obviously is still not in Afghanistan although American and NATO troops are in Afghanistan and continue occupying that nation. There are rumors and claims of American intervention in Pakistan from Afghanistan, in efforts to destroy Taliban and bin Laden and his loyalists hiding in Pakistan, however the American war and occupation of Afghanistan is becoming more and more difficult to defend, morally and rationally.

America has some other behavior that is difficult to justify in its management international affairs. Eight years ago as a prelude to invading Afghanistan, America “carpet bombed” Afghanistan using B-52 bombers and incendiary and anti-personnel cluster bombs, when America was well aware that there were actually no viable military targets anywhere in already war devastated Afghanistan; tens of thousands of innocent civilian men, women, and children were killed and maimed by incendiary and cluster bombs. Objections were noted by other nations and particularly Muslim nations because Afghans are primarily Muslim and America’s reputation as a primarily Christian and a humane and compassionate nation was seriously questioned. A number of America’s Christian religious leaders have been quoted making disparaging remarks about people of the Muslim faith since bin Laden’s terrorist attack. The occupation of Afghanistan and the subsequent totally needless American invasion and occupation of Iraq that included the “shock and awe bombing” of Iraq and the killing and maiming of even thousands more of Muslims, has taken a severe toll on American eminence in the world’s community of nations. Then, there is the continuing scandal of America torturing and killing of prisoners of war and detaining them for years without any hearing of any kind in violation of International Law.

It appears to be absolutely ludicrous for America to continue its forgotten war in Afghanistan. The whole purpose of vengeance against Osama bin Laden has become meaningless in time and in retrospect America is not looking good at all by world standards. There is noting to achieve in Afghanistan except now less meaningful vengeance; it is time for America to decide if vengeance for bin Laden’s attack is truly worth the monetary cost and the desecration of America’s other national values of compassion, fraternity, equality, and world peace. It is time for America to re-consider the comparative values of the power of war and the power of peace.

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