Notes From My Desk 2!

To Presidential candidates of both political parties: The voters’ demand for change’ in our current government does not mean change from Republican to Democrat nor from Bush to McCain!

To President Bush: Is there anything I could do to convince you not to visit the Mid East?

To Democratic Presidential candidates: The one who keeps his mouth shut gets my vote!

To the Iraq politicians: Take my President, pleeeease!

To Congress: About illegal Mexican immigrant workers, it is really about the illegal American employers, Stupid!

To President Bush: Please refrain from invading Iran, based on military intelligence garnered from the ‘National Inquirer’.

To Sen. John McCain: Walk Softly and carry a big white stick and wear dark glasses.

To Hillary Clinton: Save your tears to use as Holy water after you are elected; you will need it.

To Karl Rove: Why aren’t you in jail instead of on television?

To Vice President Dick Cheney: Could you possibly organize a hunting trip with Mitt Romney?

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