What the Cheney, Bush, Pelosi Brouhaha Is About?

About Vice President Dick Cheney’s latest revelations, who is going to believe anything that a sadistic war criminal has to say?

Why are the Republicans so concerned and falsely charging that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is lying about her alleged CIA briefing on torture?  Knowing the way Republicans hate Pelosi and her opinion of the Bush Administration, they are obviously well aware that if Pelosi discovered that Bush was guilty of torturing Prisoners of War in violation of International Law, the Constitution, and Human Rights, she would most certainly have exposed Bush’s criminal behavior immediately upon finding out.

     In reality, at this point, all the Republicans want to do is to prevent America from prosecuting our own war criminals, who just happen to be Republican elected officials; it is just another case of why Republicans panicked when McCain was defeated and could not grant a pardon of Bush and Cheney for their crimes against humanity!  Republicans expected Bush and Cheney to be pardoned by McCain, just as President Ford pardoned President Nixon for burglary of Watergate and President Papa Bush pardoned President Reagan and other perpetrators of the criminal Iran-Contra Affair.

     With all the Republican distraction to avoid prosecution of Bush and Cheney, the Obama administration cannot accomplish anything until the guilt of sadistic American torture of prisoners of war and aggression are recognized and closure takes place.

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