The Threat to America; Ignoring the Wrongs of the Past

        Col. French McClean’s editorial, “If Interrogation Trials Begin, Country Will Be Loser” Herald & Review on 5/8/2009 is simply an attempt to convince America not to acknowledge nor to eradicate the remnants of the sadistic, fascist-type torture policy of President George Bush, 2000-2008.  MacLean proposes that America simply ignore the Bush Administration’s torture of prisoners-of-war in violation of International Law and the U.S. Constitution and ‘pretend’ it did not happen, for the ‘good’ of the nation.

     Unfortunately, the rest of the world community is well aware of America’s sadistic violation of Law and human rights and have come to fear and hate America for it; America’s only hope for regaining its prestige in the world as a compassionate democratic Republic is to acknowledge and repudiate our wrong-doing.  Whether or not a person approves of the Bush program of torture, torturing prisoners-of-war is a sadistic violation of human rights and a war crime; ignoring it will not make it go away.

     Look to past history.  During President Reagan’s Administration, members of his Administration were guilty of dealing with the enemy and lying to Congress to cover up their crime (Iran-Contra).  Col. Oliver North was duly convicted of those crimes and appealed his case; President Reagan pleaded innocent based on ‘ignorance’.  When President Reagan’s Vice President became President George (H.W.) Bush, the First, he pardoned all the witnesses to Iran-Contra, including President Reagan.  Consequently, the previously convicted Col. Oliver North escaped his criminal conviction.  Col. Oliver North is now respected in Right-Wing Circles as a ‘creditable’ newspaper political columnist and on Fox News TV, North is represented as a ‘qualified military expert’ espousing and promoting the unlawful and unconstitutional policies of immediate previous President George (W.) Bush, the Second.  Previously convicted Col. North is hailed by ‘Bush Apologists’ as a ‘military hero’; wrong doing does not go away when ignored.

      If President Bush’s torture and violation of Law and the Constitution polices are not acknowledged today and repudiated, those wrongs will return in the future to haunt the American democratic Republic, just like Col. Oliver North only worse.

     The election of 2008, did not totally absolve America of the wrong doing of the previous eight years and America has not yet eliminated the Bush Administration threats to the U. S. Constitution.  America’s Army, Justice Department, and Courts were completely politicized by the Bush Administration (2000-2008) and have not yet been cleansed; the threat continues to exist.  Col. MacClean is testimony to this and his concept of ignoring sadistic wrongdoing of the past is dangerous to the character of America and the liberty and democracy that a majority of Americans hold dear.

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