American Journalism Today; Purveyors of Misinformation and Propaganda?

     Today’s New York Post headlines made me furious; they seemed to be the epitome of why a large segment of Americans are so damned ignorant compared to the rest of the world.  Too many Americans are apparently brainwashed by a renegade part of the national media!

     On Sunday, March 29, 2009, the New York Post headline read “‘FRIEND’ OF BIDEN’S DAUGHTER SHOPPING TAPE OF HER ALLEGEDLY DOING COCAINE”.  This is guilt by innuendo; the headlines cannot be proved or disproved.  But to the readers, Biden’s daughter is guilty of doing cocaine, whether she is actually guilty or not.  This is exactly the kind of tactic that Nazis and Communists use to brainwash people and it is the same tactics that Republican Neocons, Fox News, and the New York Post use; it is a tactic that the ultra-American John Birch Society admits using (See the John Birch Society Bluebook).

     In America, the Neocons, the John Birch Society, Fox News, and the New York Post defend this tactic pleading the First Amendment, Free Speech Clause (which is proper).

     Does this tactic have a place in the American democratic Republic?  Yes and no!  Yes because any law against it would be unconstitutional and because Americans enjoy liberty and free speech; no the tactic does not have a place in the American democracy, because Americans should be wise to this tactic, not be taken in, they should find it repugnant, and the New York Post would be, should be embarrassed to even use this tactic.

     Unfortunately, too many of today’s Americans appear to be naïve and totally unaware that these fascist elements in America are ‘messing with their head’!  Consequently, this is why polls indicate that large numbers of t Americans are brainwashed and believe media lies, such as, Iraq was responsible for 9/11 or that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and material to make nuclear weapons.

     Education is essential to democracy; Americans need to be taught from a very early age that not everything in print is true.  Americans need to know that the source of news is the most important factor in citizens being knowledgeable and an informed electorate.  For American Constitutional democracy to work, Americans need to be more than just literate; citizens need to know which news sources are reputable, dependable, and trustworthy and which sources are not.  It is a matter of considering whether a source has been accurate over a long period of time and what the reputation of the source actually is.  Just being literate is not adequate.

     It is obvious that neither the American public nor the New York Post actually knows whether or not Vice President Biden’s daughter has done Cocaine; in fact, it would not appear to matter to anyone except the Vice President and his daughter.  It certainly is equally obvious that the whole purpose of the New York Post ‘news’ item is to convince people that the Vice President, who is important, has done something wrong (begetting a daughter who ‘might’ or ‘might not’ have once done cocaine).  Put in that perspective, is the New York Post a newspaper that Americans should look to for becoming informed on important issues? Obviously, no!

     The ignorance of some of the American public and the New York Post newspaper are not something that America has to be proud of; most assuredly, ignorant Americans and the New York Post are two things that America’s enemies can feel good about.

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