Depression in America, Wealth, Success, And The Demise Of The American Consumer

     Forbes, “World’s Billionaires 2009”, 3/11/2009 is an interesting read in the wake of the Depression of 2008.  Last year’s number two ‘Richest Person in the World’, Bill Gates of Microsoft, is 2009’s number one richest person, $40 billion despite the fact that Gates lost $18 billion last year. Gates replaced last year’s number one ‘Richest Person in the World’, Warren Buffet, who is now number two worth only $37 billion; Buffet lost $25 billion last year and consequently moved down to second place.  Gates and Buffet, of course, are Americans.

     One of the few corporations to actually make money last year was America’s Wal-Mart stores.

     It is not surprising then that number eleven on the list of ‘Richest Persons in the World’, is Jim C. Walton of Wal-Mart with a wealth of $17.8 billion and tied for twelfth richest persons are S. Robson Walton of Wal-Mart with $17.6 billion, Alice Walton of Wall-Mart with $17.6 billion, and Christy Walton of Wal-Mart with $17.6 billion.  Three of those Waltons are Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton’s children and Christy Walton is his late son’s wife.  Sam’s wife, the late Helen Walton, had an equal share ($16.4 billion) of Wal-Mart which she left to charity.  Then there is Sam’s brother and partner, Jim Walton, left his two daughters large parts of Wal-Mart; Ann Walton Kroenke has $3.5 billion) worth and Nancy Walton Laurie $2.3 billion worth.  All Wal-Mart Waltons are American.

     Purportedly, the cause of the current Depression of 2008 is the lack of ‘Consumer Confidence’ which can easily be translated into the consumers’ lack of money.  Does it follow then that American consumers have no money because the world’s richest people have it all?

     The lack of money among consumers could explain why Wal-Mart was the only business actually making money last year; the penniless consumers were forced to have to shop at Wal-Mart, since Wal-Mart and its bargain prices was the only store that they could afford.

     A person might even think that that someone who lost $25 billion, like Warren Buffet, or a person who lost $18 billion last year like Bill Gates, might also be reduced to shopping at Wal-Mart after loosing that much money?

     One can only speculate about the future.  However, with the Walton’s huge accumulation of wealth, they will have so much of their customers’ money that those consumers will not even be able to afford shopping at Wal-Mart any more.  The Walton family and their employees will be the only consumers left in America; of course, with no other consumers, how long will Wal-Mart need employees.

     Previous American, Wal-Mart consumers will be relegated to growing their own broccoli in their back yard, hunting game, fishing, and making their own clothes.  Cities will rot and decay and wigwams will be spring up all over America.

     A few fanatic Christians will become so desperate that they resort to terrorism and will perpetrate a terrorist attack on Iran because they, “Hate Iran’s wealth!”

     The United States will enter the “American Neanderthal Consumer Era”.

     But then again, the stock market gained three hundred points yesterday; could Wal-Mart stock have been responsible for the markets gain?

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