Truth and Consequences in the Media

    Below are some comments I made about  the Washington Post article, “As Markets Fell, Pundits Came Down On Obama; President Gets Blame After Just 50 Days”, by Howard Kurtz, Monday, March 16, 2009.

     My comments:

     When will the American people realize that some media commentators appearing on TV, do not enlighten the audience but rather intend to scare the crap out of the people and turn people against elected officials that the commentators themselves oppose and despise; these commentators deliberately twist the truth, make insinuations that cannot be proved, and just outright lie.  They don’t seem to know anything; they are not capable of doing any research.

      I listen to the drivel and baloney that Fox commentators like Sean Hannity and Glen Beck scream and holler about and wonder if these idiots have any education at all.  So, I googled Hannity and Beck to find out; I wanted to see what fundamentalist, Bible university was responsible for producing these nuts. 

     Bingo!  They are self made men and have no university degree; there is neither ‘liberal’ university (that they condemn) nor fundamentalist Bible University to explain their ignorance of history and economics.  They simply don’t know anything and don’t have any idea about how to learn anything and they are the source of information for a wide American audience.  If they make statements that sound like they are ignorant of history, hey, they are; best of all, they do not use a script.  And Americans rely on this source for their news?

     If democracy is going to work, the American people need to be informed; if the people are going to be informed, they need to be taught in elementary school till graduation that they need to consider the source of any news that they plan to use for making decisions.

     There are no more Walter Cronkites or Ed. Murrows today, impartial sources to be trusted.  Instead America has Hannity and Beck to make outrages accusations based on their own reasoning out of ignorance, men who have no idea how to find the truth.

     A university education does not necessarily make a person competent; but if there are no other life experiences to substitute for a formal education, it is only proper to question the reliability of what they preach.  The only qualifications of Hannity and Beck, is their ability to get a job as a television commentator without any other qualifications.  No one oversees the veracity of their work; their employers only look at ratings and profits from advertising.

     Hannity and Beck are not investigative journalists.  Instead, they condemn the great newspapers of our time for having a liberal bias, when the New York Times or the Washington Post exposes the crimes of Republican Presidents like Nixon and Bush.  Of course, the Times and Post have proved to be accurate.  Sources become reliable not biased, when their reporting later proves to be accurate.

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